MANILA BULLETIN - Part 2 Welcoming the Year of the Horse

by Heidi Ng
January 26, 2014 

To continue with last week’s topic, here are more lessons from author and blogger Juliet Van Ruyven to inspire your New Year:
18. There are no problems, only challenges.
It’s what you may call it and how you deal with it. Let go and let God.
Part 2: Welcoming The Year Of The Horse19. Climb your mountains.
Our family went for a hike several times this year.  We huff and puff but the view at the top is spectacular.
20. Everything is temporary and it all passes away.
Sometimes the sky is gray; rest assured after the rain the sun will break through again. Life, like weather, is a cycle.
21. Remember to follow your passion.
Do what you love and be true to your own heart’s desire.  Work becomes play if you’re passionate about what you do.  When you get there you will know.
22. Live life to the fullest.
Live life with no regrets. Remember who you are making a difference. What’s the legacy you want to leave behind? What are you really here for?
23. What would you do different this coming year when you know you cannot fail?
Your answer is the view of your life’s coming attraction. Engage your imagination. Be your own director.  Everything we see around us are created first in the mind. That is powerful.
24. Write your goals down for the coming year. It’s better to have a map where you are going; there might be road blocks, detours and pit stops.
Stop. Look. Listen and Enjoy the journey along the way.  Remember you are too blessed to be stressed. Success is a journey not a destination. Allow magic to happen.
25. Gratefulness opens the floodgates of abundance.
When you’re feeling down and out it’s normal.  After the breakdown there’s a breakthrough. The best antidote to break down is a rampage of appreciation and gratitude.  Thank everything and anything in your life and what makes you come alive. When you are at it make sure to thank the most important person in your life – thank yourself. That’s the key to becoming a superstar and finding the hero inside you.
26. Believe in yourself, that’s what makes you a winner.
Believe in yourself if no one else does; if you don’t, who will? Believe in you, believe in the power of your dreams. I believe in you.
27. Financial education is important. Impress yourself not your neighbors.
Learn good debts and bad debts. Use your credit card for convenience only.  Pay yourself first, invest, contribute.  Passive income streams are your key to financial freedom. We lost plenty of money because we didn’t think of financial literacy early. We keep making the same mistakes until it hurts. Financial literacy is our tuition fee for financial education. Pay attention to this one. Learn to manage money. Money is energy. Money is a tool. Learn to love what money can do for you and others too.
28. Expect miracles. It happens every day when you tune into it.
29. We can create our dream life whatever it may be for you. Paint your own canvas, draw outside the lines if you have to, you can be your own Michaelangelo, your own style, your own creation; you’ll surprise yourself because you can be your unique you.
30. Celebrate. Celebrate. Celebrate. Blow your horn, toot, toot your victories and watch the multiplication table of abundance at work.
31. No man is an island. We are in this journey together. We might as well enjoy our game, we play our ride together. T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieve Miracle.
32. Remember what we are looking for is in each and every one of us. It’s here deep inside our hearts.
33. Everything happens for a reason and for a purpose to serve our highest and deepest heart’s desire, even if you think not for the moment. You are where you are; wherever you are start anew and follow your heart, everything works out in the end.
34. What we plant, so shall we reap. Just when you think otherwise, keep your faith in God, the Source or Higher power, whatever you believe or not believe. Law of the Universe is always at work. Trust that everything is in Divine order and Divinely orchestrated.


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