MANILA BULLETIN - Dinner Nations

by Heidi Ng
September 29, 2013 

Tapang Usa
Tapang Usa
Spanish Sisig
Spanish Sisig
Dinner Nations Manila is a group of expats and locals with an international perspective on expanding social networks through dining experiences around the Metro. They aim to create dining environments where friendships can be forged amongst people who share a communal passion for food. By limiting dinner groups to a smaller number, Dinner Nations hopes to create a personal atmosphere conducive to mingling and conversation.
This expatriate group has been my foodie group for the past months as we discovered new places to dine at and shared stories about living in Sao Paulo, London, or Sydney. It is a great opportunity to meet people who grew up in a different environment and culture from me. It is also interesting to know about different work cultures of other people.
It seems to be a unanimous opinion though that despite our bad reputation for having a very corrupt government, these expats enjoy the Philippine lifestyle. One expatriate even said, “I do not know how I can go back to my old life of not having a cleaner or a nanny.” We have to admit, life in the Philippines is a good life if one can afford it. We have help so this gives us more time to enjoy life, or work even harder.
So, I always look forward to dinners that are scheduled twice a month at some of the most unique and delicious venues around town. My experience has always been a positive one. One of my most memorable one was a dinner at Casa Marcos where we enjoyed the restaurant’s unique offerings like tapang baboy ramo, frog legs cooked adobo style, and Spanish sisig. Yes, tapa and frogs. Who would have thought that a Spanish restaurant like Casa would actually serve such unique offerings! The kalderetang usa is so unique too. Not a lot of restaurants can pull off serving baboy ramo, usa and frog legs with talented cooking that they actually taste very good and do not leave a bad taste in the mouth.
It was a memorable dinner for the expatriates and locals alike. They seem to want to do a Casa Marcos dinner again soon because of the unique Filipino dishes, the Spanish sisig and the paella. And, well, the red and white sangrias were much appreciated, too.


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