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MANILA BULLETIN - Wine Appreciation

Valerie Tan (Event Host) and William Yao (Director, Wine Century Brothers Philippines)
Valerie Tan (Event Host) and William Yao (Director, Wine Century Brothers Philippines)
Model with Penfolds Bin 28 Kalimna Shiraz 2010
Model with Penfolds Bin 28 Kalimna Shiraz 2010
Penfolds is an Australian wine company established in 1844, which offers high quality products for fair value. As an extension of the Chinese New Year celebration, Future Trade International, Inc., Penfolds’ local distributor together with Wine Century Brothers Philippines, hosted the Penfolds wine dinner at the Royal Sharksfin Seafood Restaurant in Chinatown, Manila. A full-course dinner was served for the Chinese community, who is beginning to appreciate pairing the flavorful rich cuisine with very good wine. As China becomes a superpower, more and more Chinese are beginning to look beyond the world for more interesting tastes and flavors to match their food. More Chinese buyers are buying rare auctions of Chateau Lafite or Chateau Margaux vintage wines, which would have been unheard of just decades ago. It was just right that Australian winemaker Penfolds taps the burgeoning Chinese market for some wine appreciation dinner.

As guests arrived promptly, they enjoyed cocktail food while drinking their favorite wine from the bar. The wine dinner started with Hong Kong lechon barbecued honey pork partnered with Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz Cabernet 2011, followed by prawn in wintermelon box paired with Koonunga Hill Chardonnay 2011. Abalone with goose web and lemon chicken were both served with Penfolds Bin 2 Shiraz 2012. Salt and pepper spareribs was served with Penfolds Bin 138 GSM 2011. Pan-seared Angus prime beef cubes was joined with Penfolds Bin 28 Kalimna Shiraz 2010. Fujian fried rice was the finale dish and the mango pudding was served for dessert. To keep the full course dinner livelier, the hosts raffled off exciting premium Penfolds items and wines.

It was a successful event, well-attended by many Filipino-Chinese guests. Seen enjoying the wine dinner was the director of Wine Century Brothers Philippines William Yao with his wife  Imee Yao. Also present to support the event was Future Trade International, Inc. chief marketing officer Yogi Ringler.

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Yogi Ringler (Chief Marketing Officer, Future Trade International, Inc.) presenting the grand raffle winner of Penfolds wine
Yogi Ringler (Chief Marketing Officer, Future Trade International, Inc.) presenting the grand raffle winner of Penfolds wine
Kharl Ocampo (Trade Marketing Manager, Future Trade International, Inc.)
Kharl Ocampo (Trade Marketing Manager, Future Trade International, Inc.)
Peter Lim , Stella Lim, and Cynthia Chua
Peter Lim , Stella Lim, and Cynthia Chua
Michelle Saique, William Co, Anne Yongco, and Aldrin Loyola of Wine Century Brothers Philippines
Michelle Saique, William Co, Anne Yongco, and Aldrin Loyola of Wine Century Brothers Philippines


There are many talented people in the world, lurking in different corners of the globe. A lot of them have talent. Sadly, not a lot of people have the funds to create a business out of those skills. Now, if only there are people who would believe in others’ great ideas.

Thank God for crowdfunding— the world’s answer to this unfortunate situation. For example, there is Indiegogo. It has helped launch several businesses like that of innovative underwear brand KnixWear, which gave its founder and CEO Joanna Griffiths an 18-store Hudson’s Bay preorder and more than $60,000. Since then, she has shipped 13,000 pairs, forged a partnership with Lycra and put Knix on the shelves of more than 100 stores in 14 US states.
Chris Mann
Chris Mann
Indiegogo and another similar website Kickstarter are popular funding alternatives for fledgling entrepreneurs. They have increasingly become popular finance platforms even for established, for-profit businesses and also for virtually unknown businesses and entrepreneurs.
It is an attractive way for small operations to raise capital without giving equity to investors or paying interest on bank loans or lines of credit. Instead, such campaigns offer donors gifts or discounts on services or merchandise. Indiegogo, for example, takes nine percent of donations if the fundraising goal is not met; four percent if it is.

I know a talented Mexican singer Chris Mann, who announced his departure from his record label in September 2013. He then asked fans to fund his project through He got the money he needed in just four days. Mann started recording at Echoman Studios with Murray Yates in November 2013 and finished the record the following month.

The EP featured songs with Mexican singer Tania Geller and Canadian singer Mary Douglas. Mann announced that the first single is entitled “Sin Aliento” and the music video was released lastJan. 15, becoming an instant hit on Mexican radio.

Mann has stated in many interviews that this is his most personal record and that working full time on it made a “huge difference with his previous work. The EP was released last Feb. 17, charting in both Canada and Mexico’s World Charts at #51 and #175 respectively, becoming Mann’s most successful record to date.

Good news like this warms my heart. Finally, there is an alternative for talented and driven people to achieve their dreams. Luckily, we can play a part in it!
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MANILA BULLETIN - Japanese Revelry

The Ibiza Beach Club at the Swiss-managed Movenpick Hotel in Mactan island, Cebu was the hip spot to be at last weekend as Japan’s most renowned DJs Daiki Wakabayashi, Ariki, Kamiyama Seigo, U-Kic aka Yuuki Yoshiyama and OgaMixxX came out to play great music to some 700 revelers in the Queen City of the South. Think sand, surf, music and beautiful people all in one spectacular evening.
  • Manman Osmena, Pam Osmena, and Cacay Moras
Manman Osmena, Pam Osmena, and Cacay Moras
Cebu’s fashionable elite attended, including Mia Arcenas, Budoy, Manman Osmeña, Dominic and Karla Alegrado, Cacay Moras and Tiny Go to name a few. DJ Daiki Wakabayashi played everything in his personal arsenal including Hurricanes (original mix), The Roof is on Fire (original mix), Find You feat Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant (original extended mix), and Live for the Night (original mix). Organized by Cebu .20z, this luxurious event started early with sunset beats at 4:30 p.m., continued with back to back DJ performances, and fireworks until late in the evening.
The Beach Party was hosted by Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu in cooperation with Cebu Pot and United Regrowth.
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MONEY Tip- Secrets of the World's Richest People

Steve Siebold's book "How Rich People Think," reminds me so much of my dad. That is one of my ultimate favorite books. Learnvest had an interview of its author, and here are excerpts. Hope you learn something here today!

Like most broke university students, Steve Siebold wanted to get rich. But unlike most college kids, he did something about it.
“In 1984 I was a sophomore in college,” he recalls. “And I was sitting in class listening to business professors telling me the odds of succeeding in business were so slim that it would take years to get there.”
But Siebold wasn’t interested in waiting years.
So he tracked down a millionaire—and requested an interview. That millionaire, in turn, introduced him to another millionaire and so on. Since then, Siebold has interviewed more than 1,200 millionaires and even billionaires. “It’s really a 30-year study at this point,” he says.
Given all of the, ahem, rich knowledge that Siebold has collected over those three decades, he decided to share his insider findings in a book, “How Rich People Think” His biggest takeaway? “[Becoming a millionaire] isn’t about money,” he says. “It’s about psychology.”
Intrigued to learn more about how the mind can possibly pave the way to millionaire-hood, we sat down with Siebold to pick his brain.

LearnVest: Do you truly believe that anyone can get rich?

Steve Siebold: Well, there are obviously exceptions—say, if you’re psychologically handicapped or have other serious setbacks—but, for the most part, the average person in America can get rich. After being around wealthy people for so many years, I’ve learned that they’re no smarter than the rest of us. They’re just ordinary people with extraordinary focus and drive who are looking for gaps or what’s missing in the marketplace—for what can be filled.

But aren’t some people just naturally born with that entrepreneurial spirit? Can it really be taught?

Sure, some people seem to be predisposed to being entrepreneurs. One guy I interviewed built a $90 million company from scratch, and he seemed to just have that inner drive, which can be an advantage. But all you really need is the desire.
Take a single mother who can’t pay her bills or get a job—she has a strong need. And if you have a strong enough desire, you can develop the skills necessary to become an entrepreneur. That’s the way most Americans become rich.

In your book, you say that middle-class people focus on saving, while rich people focus on earning. But it’s ingrained in us from birth to save. Isn’t that something everyone should do?

Absolutely. Saving is so important. My point is that the average person last year made $38,000 in income. If I’m making $38,000, and I’m saving 10%, that’s only $3,800 a year. I’m going to be 300 years old before I can retire. What the wealthy do is focus on earning more. If you can make $200,000 a year, then you’re saving $20,000—a big improvement.

True, but that’s a big jump. How can the average person earn significantly more?

That’s where the entrepreneurial mindset comes in. You look for small business opportunities. Niche markets. You don’t have to open a McDonalds, but maybe you start with a small lawn-mowing or pool-cleaning business or  selling things on Ebay—technology has opened up so many opportunities. Remember that it’s not about the money, but your way of thinking. Rich people look for problems to solve, and then cultivate the skills, passion and talent to solve them.
You wouldn’t take fitness and health advice from someone who’s not fit, so why would you take money advice from someone who’s not rich?

Your book has 90-plus tips. What are the top-three things you’d tell someone to do today to start getting rich?

For starters, be around the rich. Some people may think it’s extreme, but before I was wealthy, I moved into a neighborhood I couldn’t afford. I wanted to be around rich people—not to make deals with them, but to learn their mindset. I don’t recommend doing the same thing, but you can go to places where rich people congretae, such as charity auctions, seminars, country clubs. Listen to how they talk about money and opportunity. Compare their mindset to yours—and then consider adjustments.
Number two: Get away from people who tell you that your [business idea] can’t be done because you don’t have enough education, money, talent. Listening to those people—and believing them—can quickly derail your plans.
Lastly, discover what your talents are and how you can use them. I was a professional tennis player, and when I started teaching, I wasn’t making very much money. The millionaires I was around at the time told me to start thinking about the talents that I had, which is part of thinking like an entrepreneur. The one thing I really focused on with athletes was the mental toughness side of sports and cultivating that focus. The millionaires said that’s a skill that most people don’t have—and find a place where they’re missing that.
So long story short, over a period of six or seven years, I started training the skill of mental toughness to salespeople in large corporations … and that’s how I made my own millions. The heart of it is that everybody has certain talents—they just don’t recognize what they’re worth.

What’s the number-one mistake people who want to be rich—but aren’t—make?

They listen to the average person, with no money, tell them about money. You wouldn’t take fitness and health advice from someone who’s not fit, so why would you take money advice from someone who’s not rich? It doesn’t make sense.

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BUSINESS Tip - How to Embrace 'The Lazy Entrepreneur' Philosophy (And Still Be Successful)

This article appeared on the Entrepreneur magazine and it caught my interest .May you learn a few bits of wisdom from this. Photo from

It’s incredibly easy to buy into the illusion that more is always better, and as an entrepreneur there’s a subtle but powerful inertia pulling you to grow and grow -- more employees, more clients, more deals, larger footprint, larger reach, more products or services, and the list goes on.  But what we fail to consider is what the growth costing us.  I’ve always said that an empire can turn into a prison really quickly, so be careful what you ask for.
When I left my position as a management consultant to start a small-training consulting business, my goal was simple: to work as little as possible. Now, a decade and a husband and two kids later, I’ve doubled down on this philosophy out of necessity as much as desire.
Is the moral of this story don’t grow your business?  Of course not.  But if you’re interested in embracing a more conscious intention to prioritize life over work (and still dare to enjoy true entrepreneurial success) here are a few tips:

Embrace efficiencies that enable you to work smart, not hard.
The "lazy entrepreneur" philosophy is about getting the biggest bang for each hour so that you can work as little as possible. One of the best ways to stay true to that ideal is by seizing the 80-20 rule to focus on the 20 percent of efforts that yields 80 percent of the results (or revenue in many cases).

Here are a few ways to get this done:
  • Develop and document repeatable processes.  For example, instead of stumbling through your order fulfillment process, clearly identify it, document it and periodically revisit it to make enhancements.  This not only saves tons of time when you need to complete the task but also reduces the learning curve when you need to delegate to others.
  • Automate as much as possible.  No time to tweet daily (much less hourly)?  Use services like TweetDeck to schedule and send your tweets automatically. If you socialize across multiple platforms, HootSuite is another great tool. Also, develop small habits to increase your efficiency throughout the day.  For example, disable the chime on your email inbox and instead schedule email check times. Use a timer to manage potential time wasting activities like internet browsing.
  • Just like you plan out your work schedule, do the same for your non-work time. Instead of letting important activities like pilates class, prayer or cooking with the kids fall to the wayside (or get squeezed in only once everything else is done), schedule them.  Remember that what gets scheduled, gets done, and life is just as important as work.

 (photo from
Pay your dues….strategically.  One of my favorite sayings is “Do what you gotta do until you can do what you want to do.”  Anything worth having is worth working for and a lucrative small business that allows an entrepreneur to be lazy is no different.

Here is how to get it done:
  • Plan to invest serious sweat equity during the first 18 to 24 months (yes, 40, 50 and 60-hour workweeks should be expected).  Don’t be afraid to start at the bottom and work like a dog. But be strategic about building a business that will enable you to decrease hours significantly after the first couple years.
  • Be available for the right client and opportunity anytime, anywhere. Don’t just wait for those early big wins, seize them with a vengeance. Don’t get so caught up in delivering for current clients that you forget to constantly feed your pipeline (even when it seems like things are going well and you may not need to).
  • Remember to work “on the business” while you’re working “in the business” (you can still be lazy while doing it). You don’t have to do everything -- you just make sure everything gets done. Invest time and energy early on finding those diamond in the rough partners or vendors who can take on much of your non-essential business activities like PR, online marketing or social-media campaigns.  I call it “smart sourcing,” or outsourcing intelligently by using other small businesses to reduce cost (and enable you to reduce that workload sooner rather than later).
Develop a growth strategy consistent with your goals. As a small business, you want to grow.  The key is to grow “smart”.  In my case growing smart means identifying ways that I can accommodate more clients and increase revenue without necessarily working more hours.  Last year, my revenue was approximately double what it had been about four years prior, but I worked 18 fewer days.

Each entrepreneur must identify the growth strategy options that will best support their ultimate goals. The key is to think about how you want to grow before you need to act.  If you don’t plan for growth in advance, you could jeopardize your current business stability.
Here is a few pieces of advice on how to achieve this:

  • Analyze your profit margins as you grow to determine where most of your profits are coming from and focus your attention/energies on the most profitable services, clients, etc.  Don’t be afraid to move away from less profitable or more problematic clients once you can replace them with more profitable ones.  Seek “easy money” – those products or services that simply require less effort while still providing tremendous client value.
  • Reserve your personal time for those activities that meet the “revenue potential” threshold (e.g. landing a major new client, developing a new product, etc.). Remember to focus your time on the 20 percent of your efforts that result in 80 percent of your results.
  • Look for passive revenue opportunities – how can you make money while you sleep?  Maybe it’s offering a product like a video, e-book, or online subscription service.

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LIFE Tip- How to Avoid Fraud

How do you avoid fraud? By shredding documents that you no longer need. The question is, until when should we keep our records? 
Wondering what to shred? Here are some guidelines for retention of common records. Better  ask accountant, financial advisor or lawyer for advice on retention of other documents. And please consider off-site, secure storage for records that you are retaining for more than one year but don't need to access regularly.
  • ATM slips & debit/credit card receipts for purchases. Keep until the transaction show on your monthly account statement. 
  • Utility bills & monthly bank/credit card statements. Keep for one year unless you need them for tax purposes. 
  • Pay stubs. Keep until you can reconcile them with your T4 slip. 
  • Monthly mortgage statements & investment reports. Keep until you can reconcile them with the annual statement. 
  • Annual mortgage statements & income tax returns (& all supporting receipts and documents). Keep for six years. 
  • Warranties & auto/home/insurance policies. Keep for the term of the policy. 
  • Birth/death certificate, marriage license, divorce & custody agreements, Will & Power of Attorney documents. Keep indefinitely.

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MANILA BULLETIN -Swedish Clothing House Invades Manila

by Heidi Ng
March 2, 2014 

I first discovered the brand J.Lindeberg in the United Kingdom because that brand is available at Harvey Nichols, or Harvey Nichs for short. It is also available at the ever popular Harrods of London, owned by Dodi Al–Fayed’s family. The brand carries women’s and men’s lines. A lot of it casual clothes, with a range in golf and skiing clothes even. Golf is, of course, more popular than skiing in terms of the collection that they carry at their newest flagship store to hit worldwide— at SM Aura Premier, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

J.Lindeberg is a relatively new clothing company founded in Sweden by Johann Lindeberg. They are most famous for being worn by golf stars like Jesper Parnevik and Anna Rawson, an LPGA golfer. Sweden is also the home country of clothing brand H&M, which stands for Hennes and Mauritz, that has gained iconic leaps in the retail industry.
  • Benson Lim, Rovilson Fernandez, Tricia Centenera and Rosario Herrera, Manila bulletin, lifestyle
Benson Lim, Rovilson Fernandez, Tricia Centenera and Rosario Herrera
Lindeberg’s sleek, functional style hit the Manila menswear scene, showcasing a fresh take for a new set of folk. Powered by innovative fabrics, sports-conscious cuts, and a forward take on fashion, the label presented select pieces from its Fall/Winter ’13 line in a unique show.

Designed to meet and support optimum performance both on and off the golf course, J.Lindeberg apparel also displays slim cuts and impeccable workmanship. Moisture wicking capabilities, sweat-proof fabric, and all-weather textiles cater to golf-pros while finely-tailored pants and tops cater to the dapper gentleman. Host Tricia Centenera expounded more on the label’s philosophy, discussing the architectural concept of their latest line, The Experience.

Vinyl puff jackets, dyed denim, and velveteen corduroy dinner jackets took on vivid colors, capturing the breathtaking Swedish landscape. The collection also took on elements from the famed Stockholm City Library with an abundance of geometric and linear details. Casual and evening options were also presented, giving guests a taste of J.Lindeberg’s versatility. Stockholm has several monuments like its royal castle, which will hopefully be showcased on the brand’s future designs.

Century Properties’ Carlo and Cat Antonio, golfer and restaurateur Malu Gamboa, and PR maven Kitty Jacinto were present at the launch. Husband and wife entrepreneurs Tina and Cary Lagdameo were also in attendance along with host and athlete Rovilson Fernandez.
A unique study in standout style, the J.Lindeberg Fall/Winter collection is currently available in-store at SM Aura Premiere and Powerplant Mall, Rockwell.
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by Heidi Ng
February 2, 2014 

The Polar Bear Swim was the anticipated January 1 event at the English Bay to welcome the new year. This year, people from all over the world participated in a record breaking swim, joined in by 2,550 swimmers clad in swimsuits, and hilarious costumes ranging from superheroes, bridezilla, a giant polar bear head, and Santa Clauses and reindeers.
I was talking to Glenn Schultz, Supervisor of Beaches of Vancouver Parks and Recreation boards and he mentioned that there was a big contingent that came from Australia this year, some from the Philippines, and just people from all over. This year breaks the record set in 2011, since it had the most ‘polar bear’ swimmers join in to dip for a few seconds, or stay longer for a few minutes. They were discouraged to stay longer than 30 minutes by the lifeguards, as consequences such as hypothermia can result from staying in too long.
  • Brave Polar Bear swimmers dip into the freezing waters
    Brave Polar Bear swimmers dip into the freezing waters
The water temperature was at 8 degrees, with the wind chill factor at 6 degrees. The warmest ever polar bear swim happened on a day that had 9 degrees temperature but that is still too cold for me. I came to English Bay covered in four layers of clothing, with  rabbit boots, fleece jackets, and a huge goose down jacket. I covered up with mittens and toque and it was still freezing for me. It was a windy day for the swimmers but their spirit was contagious. I was among the 10,000 spectators who cheered on the costumed polar bear swimmers.
The Polar Bear event is one of the oldest in the world, and certainly one of the biggest. It was started in 1920 by a man called Peter Pandages. The swim has grown from around 10 swimmers in that year to the new record of 2,550 official entries set in 2014.
The swim generally takes place at 2:30pm on the first day of each new year. Costumes and the Peter Pantages Memorial 100 yard swim race are the highlights of this event.
It is free to register and become a member of the Polar Bear swim club. Prizes are drawn from all registrations. Registration was in front of the English Bay Bathhouse between 12:30pm and 2:30pm on New Year’s Day.
The Greater Vancouver Food Bank accepted donations of non-perishable food or cash.
Here are some swim tips taken from the Vancouver Parks website if you have plans to join the Polar Bear Swim in Vancouver, or in other parts of the world. There is a Polar Bear swim in Russia, Holland, Coney Island, New York.
If you have a heart problem – just watch!
Children must swim and stay with an adult.
Please leave your dog at home.
Do not drink – alcohol does not warm you up – it accelerates hypothermia.
Do not stay in the water longer than 15 minutes. Body heat is lost 25 times faster in water than in air.
Do not remove your clothing until swim time. The swim will be started by a flag and siren.
Entrants in the 100 yard race – meet in the front line on the north side (Stanley Park side) of the enclosure.
First three swimmers to touch the marker buoy by the lifeguard boat – give your names to the lifeguard.
After you swim, pick up your commemorative button at the large polar bear or at the registration table.
Warm up with coffee or hot chocolate.
As a spectator, I felt the palpable energy of all those brave 2,550 swimmers. It was a celebration of the human spirit’s tenacity, energy, and positivity. This was a great way to start the new year. The lessons of a can-do attitude is inspiring. If these people can succeed in doing what seems to be hard and impossible, I can, too, in other areas of my life. To succeed, we need determination, preparation, hard work and a little dose of spunk and craziness.
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MANILA BULLETIN - Part 2 Welcoming the Year of the Horse

by Heidi Ng
January 26, 2014 

To continue with last week’s topic, here are more lessons from author and blogger Juliet Van Ruyven to inspire your New Year:
18. There are no problems, only challenges.
It’s what you may call it and how you deal with it. Let go and let God.
Part 2: Welcoming The Year Of The Horse19. Climb your mountains.
Our family went for a hike several times this year.  We huff and puff but the view at the top is spectacular.
20. Everything is temporary and it all passes away.
Sometimes the sky is gray; rest assured after the rain the sun will break through again. Life, like weather, is a cycle.
21. Remember to follow your passion.
Do what you love and be true to your own heart’s desire.  Work becomes play if you’re passionate about what you do.  When you get there you will know.
22. Live life to the fullest.
Live life with no regrets. Remember who you are making a difference. What’s the legacy you want to leave behind? What are you really here for?
23. What would you do different this coming year when you know you cannot fail?
Your answer is the view of your life’s coming attraction. Engage your imagination. Be your own director.  Everything we see around us are created first in the mind. That is powerful.
24. Write your goals down for the coming year. It’s better to have a map where you are going; there might be road blocks, detours and pit stops.
Stop. Look. Listen and Enjoy the journey along the way.  Remember you are too blessed to be stressed. Success is a journey not a destination. Allow magic to happen.
25. Gratefulness opens the floodgates of abundance.
When you’re feeling down and out it’s normal.  After the breakdown there’s a breakthrough. The best antidote to break down is a rampage of appreciation and gratitude.  Thank everything and anything in your life and what makes you come alive. When you are at it make sure to thank the most important person in your life – thank yourself. That’s the key to becoming a superstar and finding the hero inside you.
26. Believe in yourself, that’s what makes you a winner.
Believe in yourself if no one else does; if you don’t, who will? Believe in you, believe in the power of your dreams. I believe in you.
27. Financial education is important. Impress yourself not your neighbors.
Learn good debts and bad debts. Use your credit card for convenience only.  Pay yourself first, invest, contribute.  Passive income streams are your key to financial freedom. We lost plenty of money because we didn’t think of financial literacy early. We keep making the same mistakes until it hurts. Financial literacy is our tuition fee for financial education. Pay attention to this one. Learn to manage money. Money is energy. Money is a tool. Learn to love what money can do for you and others too.
28. Expect miracles. It happens every day when you tune into it.
29. We can create our dream life whatever it may be for you. Paint your own canvas, draw outside the lines if you have to, you can be your own Michaelangelo, your own style, your own creation; you’ll surprise yourself because you can be your unique you.
30. Celebrate. Celebrate. Celebrate. Blow your horn, toot, toot your victories and watch the multiplication table of abundance at work.
31. No man is an island. We are in this journey together. We might as well enjoy our game, we play our ride together. T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieve Miracle.
32. Remember what we are looking for is in each and every one of us. It’s here deep inside our hearts.
33. Everything happens for a reason and for a purpose to serve our highest and deepest heart’s desire, even if you think not for the moment. You are where you are; wherever you are start anew and follow your heart, everything works out in the end.
34. What we plant, so shall we reap. Just when you think otherwise, keep your faith in God, the Source or Higher power, whatever you believe or not believe. Law of the Universe is always at work. Trust that everything is in Divine order and Divinely orchestrated.

MANILA BULLETIN - Lessons for the New Year

by Heidi Ng
January 19, 2014 

I love the New Year because of the promise of a new beginning it brings. It is a hopeful time of the year when resolutions are made, when the lingering love and festivities of the Christmas season are still very much felt, and when you know there is a chance to make things right this time. I have been blessed enough to have a mentor in the person of Juliet Van Ruyven–an inspiring woman who rose from rags to riches. She is the author of the book “Tales of Juliet”, an empowering book that makes you believe dreams do come true. Here are excerpts from her blog that I would like to share with you. I am also a work in progress and this 2014, Ms. Van Ruyven has committed to mentor me in Goal Setting, Finding my Passion in Life and to Live a Life of Abundance.
1. Always have a sense of wonder like a child.
“Unless you act like a child of God, you’ll never enter the door to heaven.”

2. Be open to life adventures and you’ll meet amazing people and wild animals, too.
After our trip to Spain, Gibraltar and Morrocco, hubby went back home. My daughter and I hopped on the plane to Italy.  My first time in Rome, believe it or not. Yeah, long overdue. We were about to leave the Vatican area when I told myself I wish I could see the new Pope. Guess what happened, lo and behold Pope Benedict XVI appeared and I captured him on video. Sorry I did not understand what he was saying, but I figured it’s all good.

3. Keep the message of Love, Peace and Joy in your heart all year long. Do not wait until Christmas.
My husband’s son, (yes, I am the second wife and he has a son before he met me for those of you who don’t know yet), Second and the best. Well, we are on our 27th year in a few months. I must warn you it was not always rosy but we discovered the secret sauce.  We were in Venezuela to attend a wedding and it was a very precious moment. Our youngest daughter meeting her brother face to face for the first time. What a joyous time it was.

4. When things go wrong as it sometimes will, rest if you must but don’t you quit.
Winners never quit, losers never win.  Just when you are about to throw the towel, wrap it around once more what you will discover is yourself. And it’s a magnificent feeling.

5. At the end of the day, what matters most is who you truly are and who you become. Bring it on life!
6. Be open to anything but attach to nothing.
Write your goals and work towards it but don’t kick yourself if it doesn’t work the way you wanted it.  If it’s meant to be, it will be. If you do your absolute best, God will do the rest.

7. Be grateful to everyone and anyone. Even the ones that give you lemons. You can always make a lemonade out of it. Turn the manure into fertilizer.

8. We hear this often: “Forgive others”.
First, you must forgive yourself.  If you forgive yourself first, it’s much easier to forgive others.

9. If you think you fail on something, that means you’re progressing. Take the lesson from it and bounce back again.

10. Open communication and transparency are keys to wealth and healthy relationships. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.

11. We become what we think about all day long. What you think is who you become.
Think amazing and awesome, for that is who you are. Happy thoughts, happy minds, negative thoughts, take a hike, turn it around, dance and appreciate. You are alive!

12. Family togetherness, unity and harmony are slices of heaven on earth.
Hold no grudge, invest in memories, and keep the love burning in your heart.

13. Do what you can do today.
Seize the day, for tomorrow is another day. For some people it could be their last day here. Be mindful. Carpe diem.

14. Love is the most powerful thing on earth.
Love with all your heart, because love is what makes the world go round. Love. Love. Love.

15. If you want to jump in the lake and don’t know how to swim, put on a life vest and you will be glad you took the leap of faith. Though the water might be cold at first, you’ll get used to it. You’ll look back with a smile on your face. Another lesson of courage and taking calculated risk.

16. There is a spiritual solution in every problem.
There are resources, we just need resourcefulness. The best ones are from our highest self. Go deep within. Yup, as painful as it might have been, the spouse or the lover that left you are part of a higher purpose that’s about to happen.

17. Expand your horizon. Be a life-long learner.
Surround yourself with people who nourish your mind, heart and soul. Self-development is the best thing you can gift yourself and your loved ones with. If you stop learning, you stop growing, when you stop growing, you stop living. Read books, attend seminars, seek mentors, be inspired and be the best you can possibly be. Success leaves clues.

More lessons next Sunday, January 26. Tweet me @iamheiding, send a message on my blog or Instagram imwanderwoman for any queries or comments.

MANILA BULLETIN - Millenium Ortigas

by Heidi Ng
January 12, 2014 

One of my favorite cities in Manila is Pasig. Although I think that Pasig would benefit from having those electric powered vehicles just like in Fort Bonifacio. I also think that better jeepney routes should be implemented. I would also like to propose a shuttle system so that housewives can go to the supermarket in the Megamall, Galleria, Tiendesitas area without having to bring out their cars that will add to traffic. If my nanny is coming from Ortigas Home Depot, and wants to go to Galleria, the jeepney route has to go all the way to Crossings-Shaw Boulevard. I was hoping that Pasig will have shuttle buses or vehicles that can carry passengers in the Ortigas Central Business district to alleviate traffic around the area.
Traffic, however, is always a sign of business, movement and modernization. Ortigas is a thriving central district like Makati and Fort Bonifacio. And in this area, CDC holdings will invest in another project in creating a landmark building.
Peter Mangasing, Mayor Maribel Eusebio, Elsie Chua, CEO of CDC Holdings, William Gosiaco, Amado Lim, Nelson Lee
Peter Mangasing, Mayor Maribel Eusebio, Elsie Chua, CEO of CDC Holdings, William Gosiaco, Amado Lim, Nelson Lee
Bobby Eusebio, Loida Lewis, Mayor Maribel Eusebio, Senator Sonny Angara, Alfonso Siy
Bobby Eusebio, Loida Lewis, Mayor Maribel Eusebio, Senator Sonny Angara, Alfonso Siy

CDC Holdings Inc. can claim to hold the key to vibrant global living. With the launch of its latest development, CDC Millennium Ortigas, the company also embarks on a renewed partnership with long time serviced residence owner-operator, The Ascott Ltd. Packed with lofty spaces, excellent amenities, and built-in green features in accordance with Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority Green Mark assessment criteria, it promises a true oasis within the urban desert. As a licensed real estate broker, this project excites me and I am basing it on the performance of Somerset Makati.
Composed of 32 storeys featuring a combination of serviced apartments and residential units, CDC Millennium Ortigas provides ample room to live and grow. Separate amenities ensure the utmost privacy for those who would like to enjoy a moment of quiet in the bustling city. Finally lush interiors boast standout pieces that combine beauty and luxury, creating a place fit for rest and relaxation.
Charmaine Chua, General Manager, CDC Manufacturing
Charmaine Chua, General Manager, CDC Manufacturing
Joanne Golong Gomez, Bobby and Maribel Eusebio, Elsie Chua, CEO of CDC Holdings, Arthur Gindap, Regional Manager of The Ascott Ltd.
Joanne Golong Gomez, Bobby and Maribel Eusebio, Elsie Chua, CEO of CDC Holdings, Arthur Gindap, Regional Manager of The Ascott Ltd.
Chriselda Chua, COO, CDC Manufacturing and Charlene Sy, Sales and Marketing CDC Holdings, Senator Sonny Angara
Chriselda Chua, COO, CDC Manufacturing and Charlene Sy, Sales and Marketing CDC Holdings, Senator Sonny Angara

Arthur Gindap, Regional General Manager for The Ascott Ltd. in the Philippines and Thailand, was present to talk about their involvement in CDC Millennium Ortigas at the launch of this newest building to be constructed in this side of town. Aside from discussing the operations of the Citadines-branded, serviced residence portion of the undertaking, Mr. Gindap also elaborated on its suitability and offer of comfort for both long and short-term stays.
This was seconded by CDC Holdings President CEO Elsie Chua who elaborated on the strength of a solid collaboration built on previous success. Jumping off their previous fruitful venture, Somerset Millennium Makati, she went on to discuss the strengths of CDC Millennium Ortigas, urging visitors to step into the showroom units and experience the outstanding ambience.
Special guests included newly elected Senator Sonny Angara and entrepreneur power couple Tina and Cary Lagdameo of Go Nuts Donuts and Plana Forma. Guests were able to view the sample units designed by renowned interior designers Ivy and Cynthia Almario who were also in attendance. Active triathlete Joey Monfort was present together with wife, stylist and interior designer Tisha Monfort. In the midst of ambient music and appetizing food, attendees, Mayor Maribel Eusebio and husband, former Mayor Bobby Eusebio, and philanthropic civic leader, Loida Nicolas-Lewis were able to witness the burgeoning success of yet another brilliant endeavour.
The CDC Millennium Ortigas is slated for completion in December 2015. The showroom is currently open for viewing at Ortigas Ave. corner Sapphire Rd.

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by Heidi Ng
December 22, 2013 

Kit Barraquias with twin daughters Violet and Lilli; Supermodel Ornusa Cadness; Audrey Miles and Troy Montero with son Hunter
Kit Barraquias with twin daughters Violet and Lilli; Supermodel Ornusa Cadness; Audrey Miles and Troy Montero with son Hunter
It is the time of the year when fashion brands are launching their fall/winter collection in Manila. Even if we really do not have a winter, jackets are nice to stock up because it can get chilly in the holiday season all the way until February. Mango, the Spanish brand that has brought us affordable, trendy  high street fashion, presented its Fall/Winter 2013 collection in a Rock It Up fashion presentation at the grand opening of its flagship store in SM Mall of Asia.

Showcasing their highly popular, trend-driven choices for women, the shop now carries pieces from H.E. by MANGO and MANGO TOUCH. Mango has also expanded its presence in Manila with the highly anticipated Mango Kids line. Giving Victoria’s Secret a run for its money, Mango has introduced its intimate line. To add to the excitement, pieces from the sports collection available abroad are also now available in Manila. This just goes to show that the brand has recognized the importance of carrying the different lines available elsewhere in Manila, as proof that our city is getting the nod for being one of the fashionable ones in Asia.

On this occasion, the show consisted of 60 looks, of which 10 corresponded to men’s fashion. The woman’s collection was all about leather and tartan prints accentuated with gold and distressed elements, although black still dominated the collection, found in articles such as tweed blazers, biker jackets, and suede pumps. On the other hand, rugged leather jackets, check shirts, and slim-fit vintage wash denims adorned the men of H.E. by MANGO.

Little ones also strutted their stuff in the MANGO Kids collection with 10 styles, in which lumberjack shirts and lightweight down vests matched with blue jeans gave way to a cool punk-rock look for the boys and sweatshirts combined with tulle skirts, Aztec skirts and pastel foulards gave the girls some sweet bohemian flair. In a surprise twist, the audience were delighted to see the Mini Me collection, in which the little ones sported similar looks to outfits from the women’s collection.
Likewise, the MANGO Sport&Intimates line was also presented, another of the brand’s new lines which ran the catwalk with 10 looks. The comfortable, loose cotton garments of the cooldown yoga line were mixed and matched with the more technical fitness and running garments. The stars of the colour palette were neutral colors ranging between greyish and black hues, accentuated with pink and purple. Meanwhile, some articles from the Intimates line were teased underneath suit blazers and sheer tops for a classy and sexy appeal.

Gracing the event were his Excellency Ambassador of Spain to the Philippines Jorge Domecq, with Mr. Miguel Albero, Director of Programs of Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) who was here to open the exhibit “Pacífico: Spain and the Adventure of the South Sea” at the National Museum. Special guests from MANGO Spain Jeronimo Garcia, director for expansion, and Jocelyne Calandra from the back-up team were also in attendance.

Hosts for the night, Borgy Manotoc and Nicole Andersson kept the energy up as Robby Carmona directed the evening’s extravaganza in style.
Celebrity couple Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero with their son Hunter were spotted onstage along with super models Ornussa Cadness and Kit Barraquias with twins Lilli and Violet in tow. Former MMA fighter and entrepreneur, Mitch Malli also took his turn in apparel by H.E. by MANGO, alongside actress Bubbles Paraiso.

Sitting front and center were sartorial standout Marta Araneta, commercial model Lexi Schulze Berenguer-Testa, TV host Issa Litton, and swimwear designer Maggie Wilson-Consunji. The Philippine Volcanoes’ Gareth Holgate and Jake Letts were also scoping out the latest from H.E. by MANGO. TV personalities Phoemela Barranda and Princess Snell also graced the occasion.
Taken by Cars provided the soundscape for the rock-inspired catwalk, while DJ Samir Ayeb spun the beats during the shopping party.

The night capped off a huge success for the brand and marked their presence in the country as a go-to for the fashion-conscious.  With a bevy of new surprises in-store, MANGO makes the search for the hottest styles more refreshing than ever before.
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Hon. Ambassador Jorge Domecq

MANILA BULLETIN - Small Luxurious adventure in Misibis Bay

by Heidi Ng
December 15, 2013 

Pool chaise lounges looking out to sea
Pool chaise lounges looking out to sea

The reception area
The reception area
Inspite of the devastation brought upon by the super typhoon Yolanda to our country, we still make it to international news by some way of glad tidings. The recent win of our “pambansang kamao” Manny Pacquiao over Mexican fighter Brandon Rios certainly brought some much needed good news to our country. It was a 12 round fight at the Venetian hotel in Macau and was watched by international celebrities like Paris Hilton and David Beckham. Manny Pacquiao won by unanimous decision against the Mexican fighter.
On the tourism front, our high end resorts like Amanpulo, Pangulasian resort in El Nido, Two Seasons Coron and Misibis Bay have been garnering attention in various international travel magazines naming us as one of the hotspots to go to in the year 2014. I guess the country’s upgraded Moody’s rating has made us a desirable place to visit.
I was recently at Misibis Bay in Cagraray Island in Albay and was impressed with what the five-hectare island has to offer. If you want to swim with the whalesharks in Donsol and prefer a luxurious place to stay at, Misibis Bay is the place to book at. It only takes a 50-minute flight from Manila to Legazpi, which is available in almost all Philippine carriers like Philippine Airlines, then a scenic 45-minute travel by land, by a private helicopter in 15 minutes, or by a fast watercraft in 30 minutes. I took the road trip, and the views going down to the island were superb. Some parts of the downward winding road still need to be paved but they are definitely passable.
Upon arriving at the resort, a traditional Bicolano dance was performed at the rotunda on the way to reception area. There are different rooms at the resort. The one bedroom premiere at $1,151 is a clear favorite with its own Jacuzzi for the privacy of its occupants. There is also a wrap around patio that looks out to the lagoon. The garden view is more apt for those who would like to have extra money to be spend on other activities around the resort or to have the whale shark swimming experience. The garden view is good for three people and is swathed in colors of white and orange, with views of gardens around. There is also a small pool to be shared by the surrounding rooms in the garden areas.
There are a myriad of activities around the resort. I especially like the paddle boat, jetski, and the classic banana boat. For the more adventurous, there are the wind surfing, wakeboarding, hobbie cat sailing, stand up paddle surfing, and scuba diving. One can get an introductory dive lesson at the resort. One can ride a gold cart to the Eco energy park to do some zip line or even take a dune buggy or ATV rides.
There is never a boring day at Misibis Day. And with award winning views, luxuriously decorated rooms, and unlimited activities to do, a weekend is not enough to enjoy the whole resort. If one would like to do the once in a lifetime activity of swimming with the whalesharks in Donsol, have a day set aside because the trip going to Donsol from the resort will take about one hour and 30 minutes. Allow yourself three hours for the interaction with the whalesharks, and another one hour and a half to go back to resort.
But please, enjoy Misibis Bay resort as much as you can. Because it is not a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World for nothing. I guarantee, you will not be bored!
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Misibis Bay
Cagraray Island
T: (63 2) 661 8888     F: (63 2) 470 3607     E:
Beautiful lagoon in the middle of the resort
Beautiful lagoon in the middle of the resort
Lush landscaping is all around the resort
Lush landscaping is all around the resort
The breakfast area
The breakfast area


MANILA BULLETIN - Typhoon Disaster Part 2

by Heidi Ng
November 24, 2013 

Typhoon Disaster
Typhoon DisasterIt has been an overwhelming past week for the people in the Visayas. And I am still full of sadness with what has happened to us. I think one of the ways we can regain our strength back is really to jump into action and being proactive.

Different friends have organized bazaars, or ukay ukay sale where their beloved designer clothes, bags and shoes were sold this weekend to raise funds. Kaye Tinga of Red Cross, wife of former Taguig mayor, has organized a sale at W17 to sell off designer goods to benefit the typhoon victims. My friend Lucy Torres-Gomez, congresswoman of Ormoc City, has rallied her friends to gain awareness that apart from Tacloban, her city got badly damaged as well. Actor Richard Gomez even uploaded a photo of their house in Ormoc without a roof.

Major telecom providers have provided free calls, LBC has provided free shipping of relief goods, restaurants have donated proceeds of restaurant sales to charity, and the influx of foreign aid in the form of humanitarian efforts and financial aid have poured in. Days ago, the government has vowed to create a website to show transparency in the aid details and where the aids will go. I hold my breath that this will happen in the days to come.

People in the showbiz industry have been auctioning off their
branded items to raise funds. Most notable of all is the auction of Regine Velasquez of her precious Hermes Kelly, Celine luggage tote, various Chanel bags, Gucci bags, timepieces like Philip Stein, Bulgari, TW Steel, and shoes like Christian Louboutin, Gucci, and Prada. This week, there are men’s shoes for sale, too. To join the auction, check out Facebook official page of rvfriendsofficial to join the silent auction. Miriam Quiambao also auctioned off her orange Hermes Jean Paul Gaultier bag to give to Yolanda victims. Grace Lee gave away her clothes for Vicki Belo to sell at their Greenbelt branch.

The rest of my friends gathered forces to do relief work at Villamor Airbase and conducted their own fund raising efforts. I cannot help but smile amidst all these because people care. If we care this much for our country, then we can probably move forward to being first world soon. If other people can help us, we can surely help ourselves.

Thank you European Union for the 10 million Euros donation, Canada for the $5m plus whatever is donated by their citizens, the Canadian government will match it. Thank you South Korea for the US$5m donation, Australia for the $10 million assistance, USA for sending troops and financial aid worth US$20m and countries like Britain, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, New Zealand, Germany and the Vatican for the other donations.

MANILA BULLETIN - Typhoon Disaster

by Heidi Ng
November 17, 2013 

Trash and debris everywhere
Trash and debris everywhere
Typhoon Disaster
My heart bleeds for the Philippines as I write this column. The severity of Typhoon Haiyan or Yolanda is still unbelievable as news after news document the destruction the typhoon has brought to the cities of Ormoc, Tacloban, among others. Based on the photos, Tacloban has been wiped out – no airport, bridges are destroyed, places where commercial buildings and houses used to stand are now just wastelands. Looting is now widespread. But as Mayor Alfred Romualdez said, the looters have to resort to that because they have no food and no clothes to wear. Imagine being in such a dire situation where in less than three hours, you have no house, you might have lost your family members, and you might have been extremely bruised or close to dying yourself. There is no electricity, no networks. As a friend from Tacloban said to me, “I have money, yes, but there are no places to buy anything. So, what is the use of having money?” I have no words for this unfortunate incident. In times like these, we are all the same human beings. There are no rich and poor – just same humans being slaughtered by nature.
But with every fall, there exists a chance to stand up. For every adversity, the opportunity to rise above and beyond the call of duty is given to us. This is where we all come in. If you want to help, here are the channels that you may go through:

Tacloban Connection
If you think that Tacloban City Mayor Alfred Romualdez is not that visible in the news, it’s because he is hard at work. I know him. He is not the type to just look for publicity. In fact, Tacloban has garnered numerous awards as one of the best local government units and he does not go around tooting his horn for what he has done. His wife, former actress and entrepreneur Cristina Gonzales, is city councilor and is the active force in improving the lives of marginalized women and children in Tacloban City. She is also a Habitat for Humanity ambassador for the Visayas region who has vowed to help build homes and lives for the region. How apt is it that now their city is the most ravaged one. How funny life takes you when you were put in a situation to help others, not knowing one day you will be the one who will need it the most. They are overwhelmed with all the help they are getting from the international community, the government and extremely touched by private and non-profit organizations who have initiated sending relief goods to the province.

Here is the Canadian government’s unique approach to donation.
If you donate to the following registered agencies, they will ensure (donation timeline is from November 9 to December 8, 2013)  that every dollar that you donate is matched by the Canadian federal government:
Unicef Canada– To send emergency supplies to Filipino children affected by the disaster.
Canadian Red Cross- To help with emergency supplies.
Save the Children - To help with disaster relief efforts for children and families affected. Ten per cent of donations will be put aside for the next emergency.
Global Medic Canada – To help mobilize the Global Medic team with supplying Aquatabs for clean water for victims.
World Vision Canada – To provide life saving essentials and emergency supplies to victims
This is apart from Canada’s pledged donation of $5 million. In these trying times, it is great to know that the international community is doing all its best in giving. There is so much to be done.
Here are some exclusive photos from Tecson Lim, city administrator of Tacloban city.
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Devastation in Tacloban
Devastation in Tacloban
The astrodome filled with evacuees, with city administrator Tecson Lim talking to the victims
The astrodome filled with evacuees, with city administrator Tecson Lim talking to the victims

MANILA BULLETIN - Celebrating the Eagle and Salmon

MANILA BULLETIN - The General Comes to Manila

by Heidi Ng
October 27, 2013 

Store merchandise
Store merchandise
Store set-up
Store set-up
General store, Bonifacio High Street Central
General store, Bonifacio High Street Central
Clothes make the man just as much as the things he does. At the newly opened General store in Bonifacio High Street Central, men can find the clothes that define them as the successful, self-made individuals that they are. Carrying a wide variety of  men’s wear and accessory brands under one roof, the concept boutique caters specifically to men of distinction.
I went to the launch of this men’s wear at its opening at their first branch at the Fort Bonifacio. As I hobnobbed with my colleagues in media, I was able to see the vastness of this brand’s collection. I also got to try some hors d’ ouevres like salmon crostini and some mini sandwiches.
Host Vanessa Pagharion welcomed guests to the evening’s festivities before engaging in a quick talk with entrepreneur, triathlete, and Primer Group’s AVP for Marketing Services division Raoul Floresca, who shared about the origins and the inspiration behind General. Each of the store’s brands – which include Victorinox, Lyle & Scott, Herschel, and Swims – represent different aspects of the General man.
Travel Magazine editor-in-chief Monique Buensalido followed onstage to talk about the publication’s tie-up with General. “The two brands are a natural fit for each other,” she said, “and we’re very excited to be a part of this launch.”
The highlight of the evening came with another man of distinction, designer Robert Alejandro. Known by many as the Sketching Backpacker for his illustrated travel journals, the seasoned artist also lent his unique vision to the store’s design and spoke about his work for the store. Several of his sketches are displayed inside the store, accentuating the already-chic interiors.
To celebrate the store’s curatorship, Alejandro also gave the night’s best-dressed man and woman custom on-the-spot watercolor sketches. Paul Chuapoco and Ina Arabia-Garcia were the lucky recipients of the one-of-a-kind pieces.
Spotted at the launch were designer Rhett Eala, and TV host Kim Jones, and columnist Gino dela Paz. As a special treat, guests were given special offers and privileges for the evening, making the affair even more memorable.
With individuals of distinction as the foundation and focus of General, Metro Manila’s top men are sure to find clothes that fit their personalities and accomplishments.

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Raoul Floresca (AVP Marketing Services division, Primer Group), bloggers Paul Chuapoco, Ina Arabia-Garcia, Monique Buensalido, artist and General curator Robert Alejandro
Raoul Floresca (AVP Marketing Services division, Primer Group), bloggers Paul Chuapoco, Ina Arabia-Garcia, Monique Buensalido, artist and General curator Robert Alejandro

MANILA BULLETIN - Gokongweis speak at Business Forum

by Heidi Ng
October 20, 2013 From left, front row: AYFCE VP Marcelo Co, AYFCE President Jovenson Ong, Keynote Speaker Lance Gokongwei, AYFCE Chairman Jeffrey Ng, From left, back row: AYFCE VP Edison Kwong, AYFCE Director Christopher Go, AYFCE VPs Hubert Henry Chua and Alvin C. Teng, AYFCE Director Robert Marie Sy and AYFCE VP Jeremy Sy
From left, front row: AYFCE VP Marcelo Co, AYFCE President Jovenson Ong, Keynote Speaker Lance Gokongwei, AYFCE Chairman Jeffrey Ng,
From left, back row: AYFCE VP Edison Kwong, AYFCE Director Christopher Go, AYFCE VPs Hubert Henry Chua and Alvin C. Teng, AYFCE Director Robert Marie Sy and AYFCE VP Jeremy Sy
From left: Patrick and Shalini Ong, AYFCE President Jovenson Ong, Shereen, Sheridine and Carl Yao of Crissa Jeans
From left: Patrick and Shalini Ong, AYFCE President Jovenson Ong, Shereen, Sheridine and Carl Yao of Crissa Jeans
Given the special challenges of its time, the second and third generation Filipino-Chinese leaders who comprise the Association of Young Filipino-Chinese Entrepreneurs (which was called formerly the Anvil Business Club), held a forum to address the challenge of successful succession planning. No less than Lance Gokongwei and his elder sister Robina Gokongwei-Pe were its marquee speakers on this topic. It was held at the speakers’ Crowne Plaza hotel in Ortigas amidst luxury Chinese lauriat buffet. Captains of industry and their families, top leaders from the Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc., Philippine Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry attended the dinner forum. The Chinese Embassy’s Consul General Shen Zicheng and Consul Chen Meiluan were also very much engaged with the topic at hand.
AYFCE is committed to empowering the Filipino-Chinese youth, preserving its Confucian values as well as giving a voice to the community. Its advocacy is entrepreneurship. It does so by holding bi-monthly forums wherein by leveraging on their well-lubricated network, they invite marquee leaders from various industries and backgrounds to hold intimate talks. Given the exclusive nature of the club, it is thus able to achieve its goal to have its members have a mentor-protégé’ relationship with its very elusive guest-speakers as well as the club’s top members. AYFCE has been doing this for more than 20 years, month in and month out. Now you know this secret club!
From left:  FFCCCII VP Mary Ng of the Federation of Filipino Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Inc. PCCCI Chairman Joey Go, Consul Meiluan from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, FFCCCII’s Cai Jian Cheng and Eusebio Lu, Jr. of Office Basics Corporation
From left: FFCCCII VP Mary Ng of the Federation of Filipino Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Inc. PCCCI Chairman Joey Go, Consul Meiluan from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, FFCCCII’s Cai Jian Cheng and Eusebio Lu, Jr. of Office Basics Corporation
From left: PLDT SME Nation Strategic Accounts Management Head Jecyn Chua- Teng, Sun Cellular Vice President Faraday Go, Robina Gokongwei-Pe, AYFCE Honorary Chairman Wilfred Co, Keynote Speaker Lance Gokongwei, AYFCE VP Alvin Teng, AYFCE President Jovenson Ong and AYFCE Honorary Chairman Michael Chenglay
From left: PLDT SME Nation Strategic Accounts Management Head Jecyn Chua- Teng, Sun Cellular Vice President Faraday Go, Robina Gokongwei-Pe, AYFCE Honorary Chairman Wilfred Co, Keynote Speaker Lance Gokongwei, AYFCE VP Alvin Teng, AYFCE President Jovenson Ong and AYFCE Honorary Chairman Michael Chenglay
From left: FIRST ROW, AYFCE Honorary Chairman Michael Chenglay, Consul Chen  Meiluan from the Embassy of People’s Republic of China, AYFCE Chairman Jeffrey T. Ng, AYFCE Honorary Chairman Roy Chua; 2ND ROW, AYFCE Honorary Chairman Peter Mangasing, PLDT First Vice President and Head of SME Nation Kat Luna-Abelarde, Keynote Speaker Lance Gokongwei, Chinese Consul General Chen Zi Cheng; 3RD ROW, AYFCE Honorary Chairman Michael G. Tan, AYFCE President Jovenson Ong, AYFCE Past Chairman Steven Cua, AYFCE Honorary Chairman Stefan Tong Wai Mun, AYFCE Chairman Emeritus George T. Siy; 4TH ROW, AYFCE Honorary Chairman Wilfred Co and AYFCE Honorary Chairman Eduardo Cobankiat
From left: FIRST ROW, AYFCE Honorary Chairman Michael Chenglay, Consul Chen Meiluan from the Embassy of People’s Republic of China, AYFCE Chairman Jeffrey T. Ng, AYFCE Honorary Chairman Roy Chua; 2ND ROW, AYFCE Honorary Chairman Peter Mangasing, PLDT First Vice President and Head of SME Nation Kat Luna-Abelarde, Keynote Speaker Lance Gokongwei, Chinese Consul General Chen Zi Cheng; 3RD ROW, AYFCE Honorary Chairman Michael G. Tan, AYFCE President Jovenson Ong, AYFCE Past Chairman Steven Cua, AYFCE Honorary Chairman Stefan Tong Wai Mun, AYFCE Chairman Emeritus George T. Siy;
4TH ROW, AYFCE Honorary Chairman Wilfred Co and AYFCE Honorary Chairman Eduardo Cobankiat

MANILA BULLETIN - Guevarra's Opens

by Heidi Ng
October 13, 2013

Guevarra’s Opens

San Juan’s newest and most talked-about foodie haven has officially opened its doors to the public! The grand opening was hosted by local celebrity Bobby Yan and the festivities included a welcome dance by the Sanglahi Dance Troupe and a formal ribbon-cutting led by Guia Gomez, Mayor of San Juan, together with Francisco Zamora, Vice Mayor of San Juan, and Senator Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito.Teresa Macasaet-Jesudason and Evangeline Lim, two of the former owners of the establishment Xintiandi spa which is now housing the popular buffet destination were also present.

The guests were warmly welcomed by Chef Rolando Laudico, Executive Chef of Chef Laudico Group, and Chef Jacqueline Laudico, Executive Pastry Chef and CEO of Chef Laudico Group.
While the culinary team of Chef Laudico did not disappoint with its much talked-about Filipino buffet, the whole event was a true cornucopia of culinary, visual and musical artistry. A personal favorite of mine is the roasting and the Filipino desserts from maja blanca to halo-halo.
The grand opening also marked the launch of the month-long exhibit entitled “Time Taken By Brush Strokes” by artist Vincent Padilla. After imparting a brief message, he completed a portrait of Chef Roland and Chef Jacqueline in front of the guests.

The paintings showcased were available for sale during and after the event, although a few pieces which included “Time Taken by Brushstrokes”, “Genius Has No Country” and “Life Dedicated to A Great Ideal,” were auctioned off, with the proceeds donated to the Philippine Red Cross, San Juan.
Assisting in the auction were the Miss Philippines – Earth 2013 winners, Angelee Claudett Delos Reyes (Miss Philippines Earth 2013), Bernadette Aguirre (Miss Philippines Eco-Tourism 2013), Alma Cabasal (Miss Philippines Fire 2013) and Kimverlyn Suiza (Miss Philippines Air 2013).
Aside from the welcome dance by the Sanglahi Dance Troupe, guests were also entertained with a song number from Mark Mabasa, a finalist from the first season of the show, “X Factor Philippines.” Vincent Padilla’s daughter, Cezanne Padilla also serenaded the crowd with a piano performance.
Included in the extensive guest list were Councilor Charisse Abalos of Mandaluyong, Councilor Angelo Agcaoili of San Juan, Cindy Ejercito, Philip Abadicio of “Style RPA,” Zenaida Seva (horoscope segment host of “Umagang Kay Ganda”), ABS CBN’s travel host Kat de Castro. The ladies from Summit Media, Myrza Sison, Mia Cruz, Tisha Angluben and Angel Constantino as well as Liza So of Red Cross San Juan, DJ Grace Lee and actress Pinky Amador were also present during the event.

For reservations and inquiries, you may contact Guevarra’s at the following numbers: 705 1874, 705 1811, 502 5006, 0917 311 2222, 0922 381 7999 and 0939 648 3311.
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Senator JV Ejercito, Chef Roland Laudico, Chef Jacqueline Laudico, Mayor Guia Gomez of San Juan, Vice Mayor Francis Zamora of San Juan

MANILA BULLETIN- A Visit to Elsa Kopje

by Heidi Ng
October 6,2013
Andrew Harper Reader’s Choice award has been given to Elsa’s Kopje as one of 20 best safari lodges in the whole world. The safari lodge’s unique design and excellent wildlife at the Meru National Park made the lodge one of the best in the world. I met the owner of Elsa’s Kopje and he is

MANILA BULLETIN - Dinner Nations

by Heidi Ng
September 29, 2013 

Tapang Usa
Tapang Usa
Spanish Sisig
Spanish Sisig
Dinner Nations Manila is a group of expats and locals with an international perspective on expanding social networks through dining experiences around the Metro. They aim to create dining environments where friendships can be forged amongst people who share a communal passion for food. By limiting dinner groups to a smaller number, Dinner Nations hopes to create a personal atmosphere conducive to mingling and conversation.
This expatriate group has been my foodie group for the past months as we discovered new places to dine at and shared stories about living in Sao Paulo, London, or Sydney. It is a great opportunity to meet people who grew up in a different environment and culture from me. It is also interesting to know about different work cultures of other people.
It seems to be a unanimous opinion though that despite our bad reputation for having a very corrupt government, these expats enjoy the Philippine lifestyle. One expatriate even said, “I do not know how I can go back to my old life of not having a cleaner or a nanny.” We have to admit, life in the Philippines is a good life if one can afford it. We have help so this gives us more time to enjoy life, or work even harder.
So, I always look forward to dinners that are scheduled twice a month at some of the most unique and delicious venues around town. My experience has always been a positive one. One of my most memorable one was a dinner at Casa Marcos where we enjoyed the restaurant’s unique offerings like tapang baboy ramo, frog legs cooked adobo style, and Spanish sisig. Yes, tapa and frogs. Who would have thought that a Spanish restaurant like Casa would actually serve such unique offerings! The kalderetang usa is so unique too. Not a lot of restaurants can pull off serving baboy ramo, usa and frog legs with talented cooking that they actually taste very good and do not leave a bad taste in the mouth.
It was a memorable dinner for the expatriates and locals alike. They seem to want to do a Casa Marcos dinner again soon because of the unique Filipino dishes, the Spanish sisig and the paella. And, well, the red and white sangrias were much appreciated, too.