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I am Wander Woman Yummy Online Promo

Hey everyone, I am once again raffling off some yummy treats!

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IT WAS a starry night at the Skye Lounge when Technomarine launched its collaboration with a global icon—the one, multi-titled, Manny Pacquiao- who some people call the greatest fighter at the moment.
Guests like of Pops Fernandez, Cesar Montano, Gloria Diaz and Philippine Azkal, Anton del Rosario feasted on appetizers like Croquetas de Chorizo made with Spanish sausage, Caesar Salad. The Paella Valenciana with mixed seafood like mussels, squid, and chorizo were enjoyed by the guests. A boneless roulade of chicken cooked Iberian style and tender beef salpicao with chili and topped with roasted garlic. Callos, the slow cooked ox tripe with chorizo and garbanzos was clearly a favorite. Also spotted at the event were businessmen Chris Dizon, stylist Maricar de Mesa, bag designer Lally Dizon, contractors Small Laude and Alice Eduardo, and porcelain skinned Linda Ley in her usual best dressed garb.
Manny Pacquiao, Gretchen Fulido and Chavit Singzon
Isabelle Daza with Gloria Diaz
Cesar Montano
Manny Pacquiao wearing his creation for Technomarine- THE MP8
Pops Fernandez
Maricar de Mesa
Robert Castañeda with fashion designer, Eddie Badeo
Rafael Florencio, President and CEO of Techno Time Retailers Corp., with wife Kat Florencio, Director of Techno Time Retailers Corp.
Skye Lounge was decorated with a spectrum of red, blue and yellow centered by a mini boxing ring.
While waiting for Pacman’s arrival, guests were entertained by the wit and beauty of event hosts Borgy Manotoc and Georgina Wilson.
But the arrival of Manny Pacquiao was really what kicked the night off. Every single person wanted a photo taken with him!
TechnoMarine, the Swiss brand known for its bold yet distinctive timepieces, teams up with no less than the world’s pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao to bring yet another winning creation. The limited edition “Manny Pacquiao 8” or simply MP8 is a testament to TechnoMarine’s continuous, innovation, dedication to style and fine craftsmanship.
“We are extremely pleased to introduce the limited edition MP8 to the Philippines,” states Rex Mendoza, director of Techno Time Retailers Corp., the exclusive distributor of TechnoMarine in the Philippines. “This timepiece is very limited with only 1,000 pieces that will be produced worldwide.”
MP8 takes inspiration from the country’s very own boxing champ and his unprecedented global achievements. TechnoMarine associates with the world’s best and this partnership with the Pacman is no exception.
The features are evident right from MP8’s eye-catching dial. The number “8” prominently stands out on the face of the watch, symbolizing Pacquiao’s eight world boxing championship titles alongside a yellow sun. The additional red and blue details that accentuate the silver dial give the MP8 an unmistakable Filipino connection. It still retains the signature wave pattern alluding to the water element that has become TechnoMarine’s signature look.
Adding a stylish touch is the red strap that can be interchanged with a white one. Limited edition yellow and blue straps are sold separately to match every mood.
The TechnoMarine MP8 is more than just another bold statement in watch-making. It underlies a timely partnership between an esteemed luxury brand and one of the world’s accomplished professional athletes. This partnership amplifies the brand’s innovative spirit – one that fuses bold designs with the luxury of a fine Swiss watch.
Isn’t that something? A Global watch brand with a watched designed by a well-loved Filipino.
This watch is one for the books!
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I found this blog on the net by a woman using reeltaulk. I totally agree with this and wanted to share her thoughts to you dear readers! Feel free to comment or give me a shout! have a great week ahead everyone!
Wander Woman
1. Because you have one life to live, give yourself time to grow, if not fully at least mature to the place you need be...... it won't be perfect but at least you'll have few regrets.
2. Marriage is not for trial and error, it is just as important as any major surgery. You must be in the know as well as plan and prepare yourself mentally, financially, etc.
3. In this day and age, not too many people in their 20's are equipped to start a family. Are you somewhat secure in who you are as a man or woman, are you ready to totally commit to one person? For those of you who believe in open relationships, as well as those of you who follow beliefs that allow you to marry more than one woman. How the hell are you going to be an asset to two if you have no idea what it is to be loyal, love, respect, appreciate and communicate with one. Come on people you set yourself up for people to see how crazy you are, regardless of "what you're claiming to believe"!
4. Do you have a stable job, are your finances secure enough to go beyond your needs?Do you have a savings you are capable of living on?
5. Unless you just happen to be fortunate, the odds of finding someone that is mature and committed is hard, especially if you live in a big city. Everyone wants to have a "good time" for as long as they can.
6. People who are usually below 30 consider themselves young, beautiful and a good catch. You don't need to deal with that kind of mentality for they will find it hard to commit due to the fact that they are so "desirable" and "Gods gift to the universe". In some cases they may feel that you are deserving of them and wonder into wonderland to try marriage. I can bet that in less than 2 months they will be back on their high horse in wanting to be luved by the world.
7. Before turning 30, living life in your 20's allows you to know you. Your likes, dislikes, desires, passions, everything that makes you the mature man or woman you desire to be. So that when you do enter a relationship, you enter one that allows you to be true to you as well as your partner, making your relationship less stressful and life more relaxing.
8. You have more than enough time after graduating to settle in your career. This doesn't always apply because some people are fortunate to be successful sooner than others. If you are a late bloomer, don't be dismayed, good relationships aren't based on if you have a job/career a handsome bank account or a corner office. More than likely your essence and what you can bring to the table besides your genitals, a bank account or a nice car. If you are ambitious, you are bound to succeed financially making yourself as well as your new found family happy.
9. Only a select few (in their 20's) know what they want in a marriage and actually practice and live it when they get married.
10. Is anyone thinking about only being with one person when there is so much to do, so many people to meet and have a great time with. Yes you can be married and do this as well, but there is that thing called jealousy, or maybe control or insecurity. Where your better half thinks you're having way too much fun and may immaturely go seeking fun elsewhere. It's something when you can love and allow one to be free, be themselves as well as be in your life! (btw you dont have to be from another planet to do this!) when you LoVe and you're LoVed there is a freeness that comes with it, not threatened that NO one, or anything will come between your relationship. Yes jealousy may surface every now and again, but this jealousy is healthy.
11. There aren't too many people that marry before thirty who can have a relationship that involves, respect, trust, loyalty, unconditional love through an open relationship. What would you know about that? Then again there are exceptions to the rule!
12. You'll be at an age where you are ready, able and willing to bring children into this world. Having the energy and wisdom to educate as well as raise them, if need be by yourself!
13. You would have had more than enough time to date, as well as know what you indeed nEEd in your relationship. You may have even made mistakes, but if you are fortunate the individual you made the mistake with, may be the one you'll end up marrying.
14. Gives you time to travel, do all that you desire to do, whether by yourself or with friends. You get to let your hair down in ways that you wouldn't if you are married. Not to say you can't do all of the same things when you get married, but everyone's schedule and finances doesn't always allow you to experience that which you would being single.
15. You are able to save, instead of spend, spend, spend. Whether for a home, a vehicle, investments, travel. You're not working in order to live, your reason for existing precedes a paycheck to pay bills and buy groceries. You will have money prepared and ready for whatever plans you have for YouR future.
16. Gives you more than enough time to be reckless, if you survive those reckless years and just so happen to be disease free, try commitment and maybe you'll be content. If commitment doesn't work for you, 30 more years of recklessness is coming up!
17. 30 means to have arrived, whether mentally physical, spirituality, financially, it differs for each individual, take advantage of your life prior to thirty to perfect one of the above areas.
18. You don't want to make the same mistake twice or thrice. Who wants to be on their second much less third marriage before thirty! Failure as well as immaturity is written all over that!
19. At this point there will be no need for excuses, if there is, only you will believe them! If anyone else does---you're gOOd!
20. If you have been amazingly dishonest prior to turning thirty, you should be quite content with who you are at this point as well as with your choices, actions and intentions. Work on improving you, if that doesn't interest you, don't continuously complain when shit doesn't work out or backfires.
21. Following the leader is not going to work when having your own to contend with, just because your friends got married out of college, doesn't mean you have to. Be a trend setter and do something that makes sense as well as has longevity. How are you going to handle what you are not ready for?
22. Your better half as well as yourself will be more accepting/understanding due to maturity and experience. Finding the right person may be hard, but being able to exercise fairness, patience and understanding when you meet the right person, takes you to another level where loyalty consideration and unconditional resides. Rushing into a marriage does not confirm anything neither does it magically bond you. Time always tells a true tale and if it is meant to will be! Trust and believe this!
23. More than enough time to Vent!!! everyone has their own shit to deal with. Keep your baggage to yourself!
24. Marrying to escape a situation is more or less voluntary imprisonment, just at another location.
25. You made it this far.....your tolerance for handling stress should be a piece of cake. If not you'll be a nervous reck for life!
26. Being lonely or broke doesn't mean get hitched immediately! For those of you who fall for these types, this is one scar that will be permanent! FYI: Finding someone to be with does not get rid of loneliness, insecurity, self destruction, envy, jealousy, laziness, and Vices. Before you know it they will be blaming all of their ISSues on you!
27. Less regrets, chances of being scorned is slimmmmmm
28. Because I said so LoL!!!
29. Uh so what your parents got married when they were 17, one thing has nothing to do with the other. Pressure from anyone is unacceptable! Need I remind you the era they lived in is completely opposite to now---- Everything has changed. Before options weren't available, women didn't have "choice" and stayed at home. Today women have taken on so many responsibilities, inside as well as outside the home. Single parents, entrepreneurs, laborers, the list goes on......face it so much has changed. Next time someone pressures you, send them an itemized list ie: $50,000 for wedding, 500,000 to purchase home, $100,000 for vehicle (that's just for you), and another cool $1,000,000 for petty cash.
30. Last but not shouldn't be having unprotected sex with someone who isn't marriage material.......yeah yeah yeah happens to all of us, but be on top of your game and try not to slip up! Soon you will be wondering.....How in the hell did I get caught up in this? I didn't sign up for this. I was suppose to be having fun, now you are miserable, broke and only 25.
"Marriage" or whatever word you choose to use is for two people who have found each other in the midst of this life and know as well as understand how they enhance as well as can be enhanced by their better half. It is a union where two halves come together and become one. This can only be understood and experienced by these two.
P.S. For those of you who really believe, and I don't mean the kind of belief that causes you to believe because you heard someone say it and now you want to do or try it just to prove you can also do "it"! Nooooo---- For those of you who truly have found your other half, you're finally connected and the power and force behind your connection has projected itself and fear is no longer there, by all means if the feelings that you have for each other is indeed MuTuaL, work your magic! For there is no power that is greater. No need for me to explain, if you know what it is to truly love and you are loved unconditionally - you know exactly what I speak of. Skies isn't the limit because it will definitely go beyond that. Best of wishes to you and yours------->ciao
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adele someone like you: solenn heusaff duet erwan heussaf, anne curtis' ...

REAL ESTATE: unique homes

Unique converted homes, 2012

By Colleen Kane,
March 16, 2012

There’s great satisfaction to be taken in starting out with something humble and transforming it to something mighty. Architects especially may enjoy this act of transformation.
Now, an eye-popping look at some more amazing examples of the sustainable practice called adaptive reuse. For this go-round, we have an apartment with a view that was integrated into in an ancient structure and a masterful factory conversion by an architect that became his personal residence and company offices. This collection also shows homes made out of a former school and former shelters for emergency vehicles. The global locations range from a tiny island offScotland to a rural Spanish hillside to the Mediterranean coast of Tel Aviv.

Many have modern styles, but it’s clear the designers have a reverence for the structure that came before. One architect who revamped a building in the following collection, Pitsou Kedem, wrote of his work, “The project succeeds in both honoring and preserving the historical and almost romantic values of the structure whilst creating a contemporary project, modern and suited to its period.” The same could be said about nearly all of the following unique converted homes.
 Caceres, Spain
Architect: Abaton
This country home features cutout doors to the outside and a bunk room for kids.
Photo: Abaton
This former abandoned cow stable is in Caceres, a province in western Spain where settlements date from ancient times. So guests won’t feel like they’re sleeping in a stable, bedrooms feature cutout doors to the outside, and for the niños, there’s a bunk room with a kids’ bathroom, which has trough-like sinks at two heights.
Due to the remote location, the architects designed this house to be off the grid. A solar panel system helps with energy during the summer, and the southern-facing position enables it to be passively heated by sunlight in warmer weather. In the winter, the home is powered with turbines using the property’s two streams. The filtered stream water is even used for the shower and drinking. Collected water in the courtyard helps the house cool in summer. The sun reflects from the outdoor pool onto the walls. The resulting house blends with the landscape and uses the natural resources and is simple and modern inside.

 Morrison, Colo.
Architect: Faleide Architects
This former Colorado schoolhouse, built in 1875, now is stylish and contemporary.
Photo: Faleide Architects
The sandstone exterior of this former schoolhouse near Denver has been left much the same as when it was new in 1875. However, the bell tower is gone, and it now has a contemporary deck and addition with spacious glass-walled kitchen and breakfast bar.
The American Institute of Architects Colorado bestowed its approval when the Leonard-Congello home won a Merit Award in 2006.

Parksite Ambulance Garage
 Rotterdam, Holland
Architect: Doepel Strijkers
A former ambulance garage was converted to an unusual living quarters.
Photo: Doepel Strijkers
This 2,800-square-foot living space was converted in 2008 from an ambulance garage. The Doepel Strijkers team transformed what was a flat space into a multilevel habitation by creating a dugout in the center.
That dugout also created room for a second level: The bedrooms are suspended over the sunken kitchen area in a polycarbonate “light box” with integrated LED lights. The kitchen has custom cupboards; chunks on the stairs to the living room act as seating or tables. A new glass wall looks out to the greenery of a park.

Tulane Barn
 Montgomery Township, N.J.
Architect: John Hutchison
This converted barn has built-ins that look like leftovers from the old farmhouse.
Photo: John Hutchison Architect, LLC
This former barn near Princeton was originally built in the first half of the 19th century by Louis Tulane and his son Paul. (Tulane University in Louisiana took the family’s name following an endowment from Paul.) Conversion of the barn to a house began in 2009 and was completed in 2011, and it just sold to new owners in February.
The award-winning finished product has five bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths in about 5,000-square-feet of space. The massive floor trusses that once formed the hay loft were retained. And while many nods to the building’s original use remain, it is designed so residents don’t feel like they’re living in a barn. With the thermal isolation and the three-story main room bringing light and passive warmth to other parts of the home, energy costs were reduced by more than half.

I have always been fascinated with real estate. Maybe that's also the reason why i took a professional license on real estate. and it amazes me when people convert structures to something more than what it was before. 

Heidi's GOOD TIMES song =) part 5

Heidi's GOOD TIMES song =) part 5


WHAT do these hot celebrities Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Cameron Diaz, Sting, Britney Spears, Harrison Ford, Tyra Banks, Robert DeNiro, Catherine Zeta Jones, Sandra Bullock, Lucy Liu, Demi Moore, Lil Wayne, Jessica Alba, Fergie, Beyonce, Rachel McAdams, Jude Law, John Legend, Shakira, Alexis Bledel, Amber Tamblyn, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, Serena Williams, Ashton Kutcher, Kanye West and I have in common? We have all watched the amazing Fuerza Bruta show. I can only claim that as the only common denominator that we all have!
Fuerza Bruta was founded by some of the creators of the international sensation De La Guarda, including Diqui James (artistic director/creator); Gaby Kerpel (composer/musical director); Alejandro Garcia (technical director), Agustina James (technical producer), and Fabio Daquila (production supervisor). It is now playing until March 26 at the Manila Hotel tent, the same place where the first ever manila show of Cirque du Soleil, that worldwide phenomenon that made Canadian Guy Laliberte one of the richest man on the Forbes list with his acrobatic, visually stimulating shows, was shown to the Philippine public.
Fuerza Bruta has a company in New York that is currently performing in its fourth blockbuster year, as well as a touring company that has played major cities worldwide, including Buenos Aires, Lisbon, London, Cordoba, Bogota, Edinburgh, Berlin, Mexico, Rosario, Miami, Chicago, Puerto Rico, Caracas, Sao Paulo, Madrid, Bilbao, Knokke Heist, Moscow, Antwerp, Taipei and Tel Aviv, to high critical acclaim. And I feel so proud that Manila is now on that world class cities list where this touring group has performed!
On March 22, On Girls’ Night, Fuerza Bruta’s 45-foot clear overhead pool—one of the major highlights of the show—will feature the hunks in the Argentine cast instead of the usual all-female performers. The men will take their turn in the water, and slip, slide and slam just inches above the audience’s heads. This is a takeoff from the success of similar special shows in the trendy capitals of New York and Mexico. Too bad i was not able to wait for the Girls night out show and opted to watch the one with the girls swimming on the overhead pool.
Featuring a giant treadmill, an overhead pool, a host of fantastic special effects, and cast members with absolutely no fear of heights, Fuerza Bruta takes audiences on a crazy-cool journey. Audiences are urged not just to watch, but also shout, spin, touch and even help the cast smash things—an interactive live event that makes the usual night out dull in comparison.
Try to catch the show until March 26! For tickets and inquiries, call 320-1111 or visit Tickets are also on sale at the Manila Hotel concierge and at the box office. Follow me on twitter @iamheiding and share me your thoughts!

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Where in the World should u live if you want to live longer?

By Miriam Weiner | U.S.News & World Report LP – Fri, Mar 9, 2012 11:59 AM EST
In 1513, Spanish conquistador Juan Ponce de León set sail in search of Bimini, a mythical land said to house a spring that restored youth to anyone who drank from it. After scouring the Caribbean and Florida, he returned empty-handed, and the Fountain of Youth remained undiscovered. Perhaps he was just looking in the wrong place.
As part of their data collection for the World Factbook, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) combs through death certificates, recording race, gender, cause of death, and other factors to estimate the life expectancy of a nation's entire population. Calculating the average life expectancy of the world's total population at 67.59 years, the CIA has determined which societies live longer.
In the United states, average life expectancy is 78.49 years, well above the world's norm. Many experts attribute this to ongoing medical developments, which have dealt with conditions that used to mow us down early. Meanwhile, nations without advanced medical care report a much shorter life expectancy. For instance, citizens of the Republic of Chad in central Africa are only expected to live until their late 40s.
Despite the fact that the average American lives into his or her late 70s, the United States ranks 50th on the CIA's life expectancy list. According to the World Factbook, these 10 nations seem to have discovered the secret to longevity--no magical spring water required.
10. Italy
Average Life Expectancy: 81.86 years
Italians live an average of 3.37 years longer than Americans. Many experts draw a connection between their longevity and diet--which is more than just pasta, meat, and cheese. The Mediterranean diet is credited with lowering the risk for all sorts of diseases. The antioxidants found in olive oil and red wine--two key features of an Italian meal--can improve cholesterol, prevent blood clots, and stave off heart disease, according to the American Heart Association. Italians also rely on spices like basil, oregano, and garlic to flavor their cuisine, while Americans depend heavily on salt. As such, Italians improve their odds against high blood pressure and stroke.
9. Australia
Average Life Expectancy: 81.90 years
Australia's long life expectancy can be attributed to several factors, including relatively low smoking and obesity rates, as well as an active lifestyle enjoyed by its citizens. But many Australian medical experts insist that the secret to Aussies' longevity is universal healthcare. While the ability to obtain healthcare in the United States depends heavily on employment status and personal wealth, Australians have access to necessary care no matter how much they make. That said, Aussies shouldn't get too comfortable; the obesity rate is steadily climbing, which could undercut their longevity in years ahead.
8. Hong Kong
Average Life Expectancy: 82.12 years
Hong Kongers can expect to live nearly four years longer than Americans. Like Italians, people from Hong Kong can partly attribute their longer lives to their diet--rice, vegetables, and tofu are staples--and active lifestyle. Hong Kong reports a much lower obesity level than the United States does, as well as fewer instances of obesity-related health conditions, like diabetes.
7. Guernsey
Average Life Expectancy: 82.24 years
This small island in the English Channel is not a member of the United Kingdom or the European Union, despite being a British crown dependency. Its independence means Guernsey has not been affected by its neighbors' flailing economies. How does this tie into the long life expectancies of Channel Islanders? One theory: Guernsey residents live longer because they are wealthy, which affords them above-average healthcare and better nutrition. Channel Islanders are well-off, thanks to Guernsey's extremely low tax rates and high-paying jobs.
6. Andorra
Average Life Expectancy: 82.50 years
Several factors may explain why Andorrans outlive residents of other countries. First, this tiny nation, sandwiched between France and Spain in the Pyrenees mountains, promotes an active, outdoor lifestyle. Residents have easy access to hiking trails and ski resorts, while clean and well-maintained parks are often used for friendly games of soccer and rugby. Its citizens spend lots of time outside, which experts say can lower stress levels and consequently, cardiovascular problems like high blood pressure. Secondly, the CIA states that 100 percent of Andorra's population is educated. High education levels account for Andorra's extremely low unemployment rate. This means most Andorrans can afford high-quality nutrition and healthcare.
5. San Marino
Average Life Expectancy: 83.07 years
Europe's third smallest state--behind Vatican City and Monaco--and the world's oldest republic has a life expectancy that trumps the United States by 4.5 years. Money plays a major role here, as it does in both Guernsey and Andorra, but another key ingredient could be the nation's work environment. This enclave on the Italian peninsula didn't rake in its riches through manual labor. San Marino's primary industries are banking and tourism, with the majority of the Sammarinese working in office settings. This drastically reduces the number of work-related deaths--a big problem elsewhere.
4. Singapore
Average Life Expectancy: 83.75 years
A sound diet and a clean environment contribute to the longevity exhibited by the population of this fast-paced city-state, located on the southern edge of the Malay Peninsula. Like in Hong Kong, Singapore's cuisine centers on rice and vegetables, which are rich in nutrients that help keep residents healthy and active. Singapore's government also enforces a strict code of cleanliness--such as heavily restricted smoking areas--to ensure that all residents live in healthy surroundings. Interestingly, back in the 1980s, the government recognized that the nation's population was aging steadily, and with careful planning, Singapore now features excellent healthcare facilities and programs for the elderly.
3. Japan
Average Life Expectancy: 83.91 years
Japan boasts an impressive obesity rate: 3.1 percent compared with 33.9 percent in the United States. Much of the credit is owed to the Japanese diet, which revolves around fresh vegetables, rice, and most importantly, fish. Fresh fish is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which promote healthy blood pressure levels and reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks. In addition, omega-3 fatty acids encourage healthy brain function, helping prevent diseases like Alzheimer's. The Japanese also make healthier lifestyle choices: They tend to walk more and not overeat.
2. Macau
Average Life Expectancy: 84.43 years
Like several other nations on this list, Macau can attribute its high life expectancy, at least somewhat, to its fruitful economy. But why this tiny nation in the South China Sea is so prosperous might surprise you: Gambling is its main source of revenue, and 70 percent of the money generated on the casino floor is reportedly invested by the Macau government in public healthcare. The island boasts a variety of casinos, many of which are owned by the same bigwigs who gave Las Vegas its "Sin City" reputation. In January 2012, Macau welcomed 2,461,640 visitors looking to test Lady Luck.
1. Monaco
Average Life Expectancy: 89.68 years
Residents of Monaco live, on average, 5.25 years longer than the second longest-living nation, Macau; that's approximately a decade longer than the average American. Monaco shares several aspects with other long-living nations, including an abundance of wealth and state-funded healthcare. Monaco residents also live on a Mediterranean diet, which is associated with a reduced risk for a variety of health problems, including cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. But many say it's Monaco's relaxing atmosphere that keeps residents hanging on until a ripe old age. Its location along the Mediterranean Sea and clean environment do their part to reduce stress, which can lower immunity and contribute to cardiovascular diseases. Maybe Ponce de León should have stayed closer to home in his search for the Fountain of Youth.

These top countries are all first world, where people have access to healthcare, a relaxed life (more likely brought about my financial stability, among other things). Interestingly, Japan credits its long life expectancy to a good diet and walking more. I remember iTaly so well and the cuisine is one of my ultimate favorites. Maybe that is why i work with pizzas and pastas for the past decade! Australia has a very active lifestyle scene- they surf, they love rugby, and they walk a lot and barefoot a lot of times! When i went to Perth, i saw how relaxed the lifestyle was. Barbeque or crabbing in Mandurah on weekends, picnic by the Swan River in the afternoons. Hong Kong is a place where everyone walks! Same with Singapore and you notice how the air seems to be so much cleaner?  Japan's food is just so awesome- fresh sashimis after a morning frenzy at Tsukiji is a must do ! For Macau casino earnings= better healthcare for the people. Monaco is a place i would like to stay at longer, not just on holidays where I stay maximum 4 days. The people are friendly, not snooty, there's a great crepe place by the palace that has anchovies, capers, and olives filled buckwheat crepes which are ingredient staples in a Mediterranean diet. So, take note people- diet, physical activities, and a relaxed lifestyle bring about longer life expectancy! yes, to those asking, im on twitter iamheiding. have a great sunday everyone!

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SUNSTAR NEWSPAPER: Nivea welcomes summer

IT WAS scorching hot affair literally and figuratively as Nivea kicked off summer with a fashion show by Charina Sarte! Each piece was inspired by the Nivea colors of blue, orange and yellow.
As expected, the exquisite and functional creations exuded a fun, carefree and sexy summer vibe — perfect for any summer activity. I so so love the yellow cut out swimsuit by Charina but knowingly I cannot pull it off just yet- this columnist has to work on her diet first coupled with some Zumba and I just might be able to wear that when April comes.
The cocktails fashion event was held at Skye in Fort Bonifacio which is Manila’s only rooftop bar. The highly successful launch marks the first event to welcome summer of 2012 which was entitled Summer’s More Fun with Nivea Sun. The event revealed Nivea Sun’s exciting tie-up with the Department of Tourism, which entails the search for the hottest Philippine summer destinations.
“We’re proud to announce the partnership between Nivea Sun and the Department of Tourism. I’m thrilled how much of an adventure it will be hopping from one island to another, searching for places where the Pearl of the Orient shines the brightest,” said Nivea marketing manager Ida Dizon.
“The DOT is happy with the similar direction that Nivea Sun is taking the tourism campaign, utilizing the country’s vast and active online community in spreading and sustaining the effort. We are glad that Nivea Sun has aligned with us in our tourism drive,” said DOT head of marketing and promotions Tess Mauricio.
I will give you an update on what are the top eight destinations that made it to the list! To get the update, follow me on twitter @iamheiding or you email me at for feedback.
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