Wednesday, July 25, 2012

LONDON olympics countdown 2 days to go!

With just two days remaining before the opening of the London 2012 Olympic Games, London is expecting the busiest period yet. But London is ready for “the greatest show on earth”, ministers say. 

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced that, with two days to go, London was “in pretty good shape” for the Games. “Thanks to the superb teams of people in the armed services, the police and volunteers, we are ready to make the world welcome, and we are confident that we will do a good job,” he said. 

Hunt was speaking at a press conference on Games readiness. Today and tomorrow are expected to be the busiest days in terms of transport and security, as athletes, officials and visitors arrive in London. More than 4,000 of the 14,000 expected athletes have already arrived. Organisers also expect more than 100 heads of state in advance of the Opening Ceremony. 

“It is worth trying to appreciate the scale of the challenges that we face to put on the Games,” said Hunt. “This is the equivalent of hosting 26 world championships at the same time.” 

Today also marks the opening of the Olympic Road Network and the Games Lanes, a network of roads linking all of the competition venues and other key sites, such as Heathrow Airport. 

To help manage the crowds, more than 350 digital screens have been installed around stations to communicate with the general public. “We have installed the largest – and ugliest – digital yellow message boards in the world,” explained Peter Hendy, Transport for London Commissioner. “When they’re operable, they will give people information about what areas they should avoid because of overcrowding. We can switch them on when they are required.” 

Normally, around 3.5 million journeys are made on London’s public transport network; during the Games, an additional 20 million journeys – around one million more journeys per day – are expected.

James Brokenshire MP, the Home Office’s Security Minister, added: “Thousands of Olympic athletes and sporting enthusiasts are converging on London, and we are prepared to welcome many more as they make their journey to the UK to be a part of this fantastic event. Our focus is now on hosting a spectacular summer of sport and culture.”

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

VANCOUVER conference findings:sleep 7 hours for optimal memory

To keep your brain sharp, a new study finds that the sleep sweet spot is seven hours, no more, no less.
The Nurses' Health study, using data from some 15,000 women, found subjects who slept five hours or less on average per day had lower scores on standard memory tests than those who slept seven hours, reports Elizabeth Devore, ScD, of Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.
Women who slumbered for nine or more hours on average also performed worse on memory tests than those who slept seven hours a night. Devore noted that the link between sleep duration and memory held true both in mid-life and later life.

Initial findings were presented in Vancouver at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference.

Devore also cited mounting research linking sleep deprivation, less than seven hours a night, to an increased risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

At a major sleep conference in Boston this year, researchers from the University of California Berkeley showed that sleep deprivation could also impair a person's ability to make wise food choices after taking MRI scans of their participants. Sleep deprivation significantly impairs brain activity in the frontal lobe, a region that controls behavior and is activated when making complex choices, including food selection, the researchers explained.

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Fly All You Can
Enjoy eight weeks of unlimited travel to select cities in Asia from Cebu, Davao and Manila from August 01 to November 30, 2012 with Fly All You Can. Fly All You Can offers best value for multiple business and leisure travel.
  • 3 domestic origins
  • 11 regional destinations
  • Unlimited travel for only $318 (WFLYASIA) on Fiesta Economy Class or $1,318 (ZFLYASIA) on Mabuhay Business Class
  • Fly to and return from different cities, e.g. fly Manila-Hong Kong and return Macau-Manila
  • Special add-on fares to other international points
  • Travel in comfort and style with Philippine Airlines
Fly All You Can Selling Period: 06 to 13 July 2012
Fly All You Can must be redeemed and converted into flight tickets within one month from its purchase for the same passenger only. All tickets must be redeemed in one transaction.
Travelling Period:01 August - 30 November 2012 (outbound travel). All travel must be completed by 10 December 2012. 

To book online, search for one-way Manila-Fly All You Can for 10Dec12* travel and indicate the desired number of passenger using the SEARCH box located on the left of this page or click the link below. (*This is not the actual travel date.  You shall exchange your Fly All You Can with flight tickets of the chosen Asian cities.)
Arrow1 Click here to buy Fly All You Can Pass onlineArrow1 Read Frequently Asked Questions


Government taxes, fees and surcharges shall apply to every ticket redeemed.
The Fly All You Can is exclusive of hotel accommodations. 
Passenger shall be responsible for arranging his/her hotel, transfers, land & sea accommodations and securing valid travel documents. 

You may exchange your FLY ALL YOU CAN (FAP) with any combination of routes specified below. Also, refer to the table for the applicable surcharges, estimated taxes and Philippine Travel Tax. Airport terminal fee of PHP 200 (domestic flight) and PHP 550 (international flight) shall be paid at the airport. Philippine Travel Tax to be paid upon the issuance of the tickets:

Regional Routes
in USD
in USD
in USD
Manila-Hong Kong-ManilaFREE100.0019.7538.00157.75
Manila- Ho Chi Minh
 Manila-Bali-Manila200.00 -238.00
Manila-Xiamen-Manila110.00 14.20162.20
Singapore-Jakarta-Singapore72.40 22.00N/A94.40

Above amounts are subject to change due to conversion rates. 
Domestic Routes  
RoutesFare SurchargesASF1VATTotal

in PHP
Manila-Cebu-Manila or Cebu-Manila-CebuFREE800.0015.0098.00913.00
Manila-Davao-Manila or Davao-Manila-Davao1,000.0015.00122.001,137.00
1 Aviation Security Fee
ADD-ON FARES available on Fiesta and Mabuhay class Passengers who availed of the Fly All You Can are entitled to purchase theSpecial Roundtrip add-on fares to Australia, Delhi and Japan.  Please check applicable fares below:

Fiesta (Economy) Class
in USD
in USD
in USD
in USD
Mabuhay(Business) Class
in USD
in USD
in USD
in USD*
*Exclusive of the ticketing service fee of USD5 assessed for ticket office and contact center transactions and Domestic Passenger Service Charge (DPSC, Manila) of PHP200 plus VAT. Travel period for the special add-on rates shall be the same as the FAP.  Subject to seat availability.
Book and buy through using MasterCard, VISA or JCB credit card. Or, purchase tickets at any PAL ticket office and travel agents or call our reservations office at tel. no. (632) 855-8888.

Travel Conditions:
  • Valid for sales in the Philippine-based ticket office, PAL website, Philippine Contact Center and/or Philippine travel agents
  • Valid for travel eight (8) weeks from first travel date or until 10 December 2012 whichever comes first. Unlimited transfers in MNL is permitted.  Stop-over is permitted in Manila
Reservation, Payment and Ticketing:
  • All destination cities selected must be finalized and confirmed before ticket issuance
  • FAP voucher maybe exchanged for flight tickets one month after purchase. Ticketing must be completed within 48 hours after confirmed reservations are made
  • This is valid for one-time ticket issuance only.
  • Individual tickets will be issued per itinerary for tickets issued in the PAL ticket offices
  • Extension of validity is not permitted
  • Ticket is valid for travel eight (8) weeks from first travel date and all travel must be completed by 10 December 2012 whichever is earlier
  • Unlimited transfers in Manila is permitted.  Stop-over is permitted in Manila
  • Passenger can visit same city more than once
    Sample  itineraries: Manila-Bangkok-Manila: 01Aug – 04 Aug
    Manila-Davao-Manila: 07Aug – 08 Aug
    Manila-Singapore-Jakarta-Manila: 11 Aug – 16 Aug
    Manila-Cebu-Manila: 20 Aug – 24 Aug
    Manila-Macau-Hong Kong- Manila: 11Sep – 15Sep
    Manila-Davao-Manila: 18 Sep – 21 Sep
    Manila-Cebu-Manila: 24Sep-26Sep 
  • Upgrade to higher booking class if BCC W or Z is not available
    For passengers who purchased the Fly All You Can and would like to upgrade, the following upgrade surcharge shall apply:
    International - USD40 per BCC or RBD for economy (one way): USD200 per BCC for business  (one way)
    Domestic – PHP400 per BCC/RBD for economy or business (one way)
  • Changes are permitted  (only within the travel period)
    • International - USD75 per transaction. 
    • Domestic – PHP800 plus VAT per sector 
  • No-show surcharge of USD75 (international) and PHP1,000 plus VAT (domestic) shall be applied based on existing policy
  • Rerouting is permitted provided value is equal or higher than the original value paid.  Rerouting from international to domestic or vv is not permitted. 
  • Refund of Fly All You Can Pass (unconverted) is USD50
  • Refunds:
    Before Departure: permitted at USD150 refund service fee.  All tickets issued must be presented for refund on or before 10 December 2012 only.
    After Departure: Fare is non-refundable.  All unused tickets must be presented for refund.
    Note: Even only one sector has been utilized, fare is non-refundable. Taxes, fees and surcharges are refundable subject to the current general service fee of PHP 750 per ticket 

    The last day of presentation of unconverted pass for refund shall be 30 November 2012.  The converted tickets shall follow the current refund process.
Other Discounts
  • Child/Infant discounts
    Child’s fare: 100% of the adult’s fare
    Infant’s fare: 10% of the adult’s fare
  • Mileage accrual applies
    25% for Fiesta Economy Class
    125% for Mabuhay Classic Business Class
  • Passports must be presented when purchasing the FAP as well as when tickets are issued
  • Limited Seats. Black out periods shall apply

BORACAY is Travel and Leisure's World's best island

Travel and Leisure is one of my favorite magazines in the whole world. Their south east Asia version is a favorite as well. So i am so thrilled that they have recognized Boracay as the world's best island for 2012. Let's do this Philippines! More infrastructure, better airline services please, honest and service oriented people, and we just might keep this standing for the next years. Cheers!


14Boracay, Philippines93.10
22Bali Hall of Fame90.41
310Gal├ípagos Hall of Fame89.55
49Maui Hall of Fame89.53
55Great Barrier Reef Islands, Australia Hall of Fame89.28
61Santorini, Greece Hall of Fame89.20
78Kauai Hall of Fame89.09
87Big Island, Hawaii Hall of Fame87.95
96Sicily, Italy87.87
10-Vancouver Island, British Columbia Hall of Fame87.48
Throughout the World’s Best Awards, scores are rounded to the nearest hundredth of a point; in the event of an exact tie, properties, companies, or destinations share the same ranking.