BORACAY is Travel and Leisure's World's best island

Travel and Leisure is one of my favorite magazines in the whole world. Their south east Asia version is a favorite as well. So i am so thrilled that they have recognized Boracay as the world's best island for 2012. Let's do this Philippines! More infrastructure, better airline services please, honest and service oriented people, and we just might keep this standing for the next years. Cheers!


14Boracay, Philippines93.10
22Bali Hall of Fame90.41
310Gal├ípagos Hall of Fame89.55
49Maui Hall of Fame89.53
55Great Barrier Reef Islands, Australia Hall of Fame89.28
61Santorini, Greece Hall of Fame89.20
78Kauai Hall of Fame89.09
87Big Island, Hawaii Hall of Fame87.95
96Sicily, Italy87.87
10-Vancouver Island, British Columbia Hall of Fame87.48
Throughout the World’s Best Awards, scores are rounded to the nearest hundredth of a point; in the event of an exact tie, properties, companies, or destinations share the same ranking.


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