Tuesday, December 7, 2010

opus opening is a crowd drawing affair

marco lobregat and moi
singapore airlines andrew budiman, prateek kumar of dusit

take two :mika lagdameo martinez with ricardo po and trish panlilio

celine lopez,chut cuerva and manny del rosario

wander woman with camille svanberg, vaughn yu

jr isaac and mika martinez

mabuhay girl jenni epperson and one of 3 reasons i started this blog, with steph zubiri, ms looks good in anything

friend from years ago claudine trillo with robby carmona

frenchman jonathan crespi

jenni epperson,marc gueco,tim yap with his new blue hair
trish joins my longest friend jm rodriguez for a photo
"fluffy" borgy blocking raymond gutierrez for this foto
borgy manotoc, liz uy, anne curtis, raymond gutierrez and statuesque georgina wilson
bride to be joey mead is deceptively cunning with hiding her souvenir cds inside her clothes!(coz she didnt bring a bag) exhibit A. 
okay, now by the sides of her dress .exhibit B. you go jo!!
jay r with pretty girlfriend =)

friend from eons ago, marco lobregat and chucho martinez

Monday, December 6, 2010

opus at resorts world opening tonight

im still deciding what evening dress to wear for the opening of Opus. the invite says 9pm and itll be perfect time to go after a long day of hard work! the invitation is an interesting paper: to quote, " leonardo da vincis numerous bodies of work were inscribed in reversed writing, which required the use of a mirror to be deciphered. It is speculated that he used this secret code to communicate with members of a secret society of which he sat as grandmaster. Today, in the spirit of the great masters of the past, we invite a new society of renaissance men and women, to experience our OPUS." hmm sounds exciting! cant wait to see what Carlos Miguel, Erik Cua, Fernando Aracama,GP reyes, Ivan zalameda, Jason Soong, Louie Ysmael, Manolet Dario, Marco Roces de Guzman, Raj Sadwhani, Robby Carmona, Stephen Ku and Tim Yap have done to the place... will post pictures after.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

In marco polo hotel cebu for lots of work!but in the meantime enjoying the view fr the continental club having lechon pizza n sisig pizza.will post fotos later :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

LIPICE in manila! Wander Woman is giving away FREE LIB BALM to those who email me back!

By the invitation of  bride to be Celine Gabriel and Pr woman Jenny Yrasuegi, I went to the Cav at HIgh street to join them for the launch of LIPICE, a new lipbalm available exclusively in Watsons. I have tried several lip balms like Burt Bees, Carmex, Nivea and it seems that I have to change brands every now and then so my lips dont get sanay. So, i tried their mentholatum lip therapy, and it seriously works!

You may have a beautiful face but then if your lips are dry and look "unkissable," kinda kulang the whole package, right? so it is important to moisturize not just the face but our lips constantly. The best way to make sure our kissers do not have unsightly dry skin is to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water. As they say, dry lips are a sign of dehydration, or as i jokingly say all the time, "hmm i have dry lips, i don't get kissed enough!!" =)

So, aside from kissing your hubby dubs, try on LIPICE with its four lip-smacking variants: FRUITY, a color free lip gloss that comes in flavors like strawberry, apple, lemon, grape currant and mandarin orange; COLOR GLOSS, which has a tinge of color ; SHEER GLOSS, which goes on clear on first application and turns into blusing pink after; MENTHOLATUM THERAPY LIP BALM, which is in a green tube and what i am using at the moment. They also have lip therapy for men!

I was seated beside mother of two adorable daughters Bianca Araneta Elizalde and Matt Lim, the soon to be hubby love of lovely Celine Gabriel. There was a program hosted by Sanya Smith, and a mini fashion show with models dressed as Beach Bohemian, Party Princess, Natural Sophisticate and Macho Jock.

mayor ian dy, bianca araneta elizalde,matthew lim

sanya smith
celine gabriel

sanya smith,mia ayesa
And as a bonus treat, I am giving away to friends some LIPICE to try. They were in my goody bag and I would like to share them with you! YOU just have to email me what lip balms or lip therapies you have tried and what really worked for you and the first 5 emails will get one lip balm each!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

i am wander woman

I do not have the built of an Amazon woman, nor do i possess any superhuman strength. However, I do intend to bring the Amazon ideals of love, peace. I do not fly, but i have the super stamina to eat, love, travel and to wander around. I am always curious and willing to try new things, experience new places, meet new people. I am always in awe and always looking for inspiration. So journey with me as i share to you things i eat, places i discover, new friends i meet, new products i try! This will be super exciting!