opus at resorts world opening tonight

im still deciding what evening dress to wear for the opening of Opus. the invite says 9pm and itll be perfect time to go after a long day of hard work! the invitation is an interesting paper: to quote, " leonardo da vincis numerous bodies of work were inscribed in reversed writing, which required the use of a mirror to be deciphered. It is speculated that he used this secret code to communicate with members of a secret society of which he sat as grandmaster. Today, in the spirit of the great masters of the past, we invite a new society of renaissance men and women, to experience our OPUS." hmm sounds exciting! cant wait to see what Carlos Miguel, Erik Cua, Fernando Aracama,GP reyes, Ivan zalameda, Jason Soong, Louie Ysmael, Manolet Dario, Marco Roces de Guzman, Raj Sadwhani, Robby Carmona, Stephen Ku and Tim Yap have done to the place... will post pictures after.


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