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BRITISH designer Vivienne Westwood winners are out!

so lucky! i want vivienne westwood, too! CONGRATULATIONS to our THREE (3) lucky WINNERS of Vivienne Westwood accessories! 1) CELINA BERNABE TUANO 2) JENNIFER MARGARET 3) BETH DO Please contact Leilani at (604) 733-8870 to claim your Vivienne Westwood gift! Again, Thank you for supporting La Mode Boutique (South Granville) !!!

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SUNSTAR kasbah opening

Kasbah opening party Posted by admin On November - 4 - 2012Columns/Views, Lifestyle column, Wander Woman IF YOU have been to our very own Boracay island, touted to be one of the world’s best islands especially for partying, you have surely been to Kasbah, that exotic restaurant that serves Moroccan cuisine, and the island’s place to party and smoke sisha. And Manila welcomed Kasbah as it opened its doors to the country’s capital by opening a branch at the Fort Bonifacio. I am a firm believer in entrepreneurs and have loaded time and time again of courageous individuals who open businesses despite the high electricity costs, manpower and basically of doing businesses in the Philippines. Thus, when I heard they were opening a branch in Manila, I just had to give my support. It was a fabulous opening party at Kasbah as it showcased the best of Morocco’s flavors and vibrant culture, in its souk-inspired two-level Manila home. Managing Director Madonna English welcomed guests and well-wishers to the super packed affair. The interiors were designed by owner Martin English and Robin Da Roza, and you can see the attention to detail in every corner, as they really captured the North African décor in plush cushions and vibrant colors, a hideaway for savoring the unique flavors of Moroccan cuisine. A lavish dinner spread by Chef Fadi Zaidan featured crowd favorites like Tabbouleh, Tangier Calamares, Moroccan Cigars spring rolls, Lamb Tagine, Seafood Tagine, and for dessert, luscious Baklava and Panna Cotta. Drinks from Don Papa rum (made from our very own Negros sugar) and Moët & Chandon Hennessy VS kept guests happy while they enjoyed soulful music all night long, from Moroccan exotic sitar and table musicians, guitar players, funky percussions, the amazing vocal rock performances from the likes of Kasbah regular Noli Aurillio and the electric Kevin Roy. As if that wasn’t enough to keep us entertained, there was a surprise appearance from a belly dancer, who danced her way through the crowd, and even more impromptu musical performances as the night turned into morning. The energetic crowd was a wonderful mixture of discerning diners who are already loyal Kasbah fans, Manila’s party regulars and distinguished expats, who all seemed to love the place’s welcoming vibe and delicious fare. For updates on Wander Woman, follow twitter @iamheiding.

USA's Meeting Masterchef | The Manila Bulletin Newspaper Online

Meeting Masterchef | The Manila Bulletin Newspaper Online

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VIVIENNE WESTWOOD giveaway from La Mode Boutique!

La Mode boutique at Granville st Vancouver is giving away 3 authentic Vivienne Westwood items. A super cool heart shaped purse, a leather wallet , and a necklace with the logo orb of the famous British designer. The items are all worth around $200 plus plus and this is only for a limited time. The contest ends on FRIDAY,NOVEMBER 2, midnight. So hurry! All you have to do dearest readers are: 1) LIKE LA MODE BOUTIQUE GRANVILLE on Facebook 2)FOLLOW Wanderlust blog on NETWORKED BLOGS 3)FOLLOW Wanderlust blog on GOOGLE FRIEND CONNECT 4)FOLLOW @iamheiding on Twitter 5)SHARE la mode link on your wall if the winner is not from Vancouver, the item can be shipped to the winner . the winner shoulders shipping cost. You can ask a friend in vancouver to pick up item on your behalf.

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Okay , i am currently in a country that just ended its summer season and has officially entered fall season. As i am traveling alone and can only manage to carry two suitcases (plus one trolley and one huge Chanel biarritz hand bag)- the challenge is really how the hell to be able to mix and match my outfits to make it go the extra mile? the red luggage contains mostly coats,meaning, with little items,it is full already. The black luggage contains some emergency food and very few pieces of clothing that should be appropriate for some work and leisure wear. This now comes my challenge- how do i make these pieces match and be comfortable enough to wear on very cold autumn weather? ( coming from a tropical country, 11 degress IS COLD for me. This challenge is similar to my NEEDS vs WANTS challenge i did a year back when i started this blog. let me see now if i can shop within my luggage to be able to produce decent wear using less than 25 items. So help me GOD!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

WORLDS Most livable cities 2012

AFP Relax – Thu, Aug 16, 2012 7:56 PM PHT
The Economist Intelligence Unit's latest Global Liveability Survey, published this week, ranks 140 cities based on a number of factors including stability, infrastructure and education, among others, with several cities in Canada and Australia making the list.
The survey provides a look into the best and worst living conditions of cities around the world. Each city is attributed a score based on more than 30 qualitative and quantitative factors across five broad categories including stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure.

The top three remain unchanged from a previous survey by the publication six months ago. With a score of 97.5 out of 100, Melbourne topped the list for the second time in a row, followed by Vienna with a score of 97.4 and Vancouver with a total of 97.3. Toronto comes in fourth place with a score of 97.2 followed by Calgary and Adelaide, tied with a total of 96.6.

The success of Australia and Canada is attributed by the report to recent infrastructural development such as the construction of the Evergreen mass transit line in Vancouver. The survey also shows that a better quality of life can be reached more easily in mid-size cities located in wealthy countries.

Dhaka in Bangladesh is, according to the survey, the least livable place with a score of 38.7.

Evaluating different criteria, Monocle, a global affairs magazine, released its 2012 Quality of Life Survey in June this year. The publication rates, among other things, a city's "24 hour metabolism," giving extra points to cities for not shutting down after 10 pm. Other factors include well-tended bars, amount of green spaces and urban planning. Landing in first place in Monocle's ranking is Zurich, followed by Helsinki, Copenhagen, Vienna and Munich.

Top ten cities according to the Economist Intelligence Unit's Global Livability Survey:

1. Melbourne
2. Vienna
3. Vancouver
4. Toronto
5. (tie) Calgary and Adelaide
7. Sydney
8. Helsinki
9. Perth
10. Auckland

Top ten cities according to Monocle's Quality of Life Survey:

1. Zurich
2. Helsinki
3. Copenhagen
4. Vienna
5. Munich
6. Melbourne
7. Tokyo
8. Sydney
9. Auckland
10. Stockholm

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

LONDON 2012 Olympic Games Closing Ceremony

this year my dream came true when i witnessed the london summer is so poignant that the 2012 olympics has come to an end. this year, i am so blessed to have one more check on my bucket list. I pray that you readers will also have lots of your own dreams come true, too! =) sending you all good vibes!

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I am Wander Woman Jeffrey Campbell Online Promo

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story by

A medal winning performance: Gijs Van Hoecke is helped into the taxi after a night out on the town
He may not have won a medal for his country inside the velodrome but Belgian cyclist Gijs Van Hoecke certainly takes gold for his partying efforts!

The cyclist looked worse for wear as he left Mahiki after a night out with teammates.

They had to carry the the 20-year-old from the club and put him in a waiting taxi.

Van Hoecke was celebrating the end of the cycling events at the Olympics - meaning his team could finally relax and party.

I'm wheelie tired: Van Hoecke is carried out of the club by teammates
View gallery Getty
Phelps, Addlington, Louis Smith all out at OMEGA House
View gallery
At the nearby OMEGA House other athletes were out partying including Team GB's Rebecca Adlington, Louis Smith and Greg Rutherford.

They were joined by South Africa's Chad le Clos and USA's Michael Phelps at the 'Spotlight On Swimming' event.

On Sunday night a who's who of athletes partied the night away at trendy London club Chinawhite, after giving their all at London 2012.

They included US swimmer Ryan Lochte and Team GB rowers Richard Chambers and Mark Hunter.

Phw-oar! Rower Sophie Hosking with a pal

Also at the “end of swimming” party were British gold-winning cyclist Dani King, champion rower Sophie Hosking, South African swimmer Jean Basson and Lebanese swimmer Katya Bachrouche.

Other swimmers gambled and danced into the early hours at a casino in the Westfield shopping complex next to the Olympic Park.

Athletes’ village insiders said staff are preparing for the “party to end all parties” on Sunday night after the closing ceremony and bosses at bars inside Westfield have been told to create special VIP areas for partying Olympians.

Kelly Sotherton, who won a bronze heptathlon medal in Athens in 2004, said London will turn into “party central”.

Bottom's up: Dani King's partner moons at the snappers
She said yesterday: “Athletes are the worst for drinking.

“Some people have been working for eight years towards this and may not have had a drink this year.

"So once their event is over and they have a drink, they will be hammered. I think there will be a few ill people.

“I reckon that London is going to be party central for athletes when they have finished their events.

"Love stories will come from the Olympics as well and athletes meet and get married.”

Sprinter Roger Black said: “When it’s all done, well, they’ve a lot of pent-up something or other,” he said. “You’re finally ready to party.”

Popular: Swimmer Ryan Lochte and friends in a taxi
Former Olympics swimmer Sharron Davies said: “Any partying is done away from the Village out of respect for athletes who are still competing.

“To be honest you spend all your time training and eating healthily – and it only takes a glass of wine and you are hammered.”

The focal point in the London Olympic Village is the dining hall where for three weeks 24 hours a day athletes can eat as much as you want.

It is here the athletes “hook up” with each other. Organisers catered for every need, even ordering 150,000 condoms – one per athlete per day.

Sources said there has been plenty of “late night activity” inside the sprawling complex.

In Beijing in 2008 10,000 condoms were provided for the athletes – each one emblazoned with the motto: “Faster, Higher, Stronger.”

Support: Katya Bachroche with friend
British Olympic silver medallist Kriss Akabusi recalled the unique atmosphere of the village at the Barcelona Games in 1992.

He said: “It’s go, go, go. All the athletes meet in the dining room and it is open around the clock.

“The Americans come in and the volume goes up, or a swathe of northern European female athletes come in and everyone’s head turns.

“In my day it was Heike Drechsler, if that was your taste, and there were necks were craning to have a look.

“I know there was shenanigans because a load of my mates married other athletes but I wasn’t involved.

“That said I am sure if you want to be a playboy you can, human beings are creative individuals.

"The Olympic competitor pass attracts all kinds of interest from people who want to get to know you in all sorts of ways.”

He said Australian and American competitors were often the targets of schoolboy “pranks”.

He added: “There was one massive food fight started by the swimmers in Moscow which started with a bread roll and ended with sauce bottles and plates of food.

“You are all young kids in your 20s and in your physical prime and if you are male you play pranks.”

Dr Joao Olyntho Machado Neto, of Brazil’s London 2012 delegation, said: “Sex is common at the Olympics. It’s necessary. It’s natural.

"If you are going to be healthy people, why not make sex? Brazil is very tolerant.”

Want more?
Village people: The sexy world of the athletes at The Olympic Games

IRELAND performance of Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars

on august 7, gary lightbody, the lead singer of Snow patrol tweets, "Road hubdeep in rainfall. Our first underwater gig coming up in two days. Good people of The Philippines I hope you're all safe and dry.x"
on august 8, Johnny McDaid ‏@johnnymcdaid of snow patrol tweets,"
@garysnowpatrol Just went for a walk in the Mall.. It's incredible. People here are still smiling. Utterly amazing humans. #reliefPH

on august 8, gary tweets "In Manila. The rain teams. The thunder and lightning still cracks and booms. This city needs the rain to stop right now. Love to all here.x"

on august 9, gary lightbody tweets again saying, "The rain has stopped. Thank heaven. The people here in The Philippines are incredible. Grace under extreme pressure.x "

And finally the night of august 9, the heavens stopped pouring and Snow Patrol is able to perform in Araneta Coliseum and adorably says, "The Filipinos have showed such grace in these dark times. You are an inspiration to the world."

So, snow patrol gets a blog post from me because of their emphatic kind hearted nature. Please sing my favorite song now, "Just say yes" =)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

UNITED KINGDOM Good Food guide 2012

photos taken from the good food guide

In my last trip to London,i was able to try Hibiscus, Pollen street social and Gordon Ramsay and this list of the GOod Food guide only makes me want to go back to try the rest. The fat duck is a train ride away so it was not possible to do it on my trip because my focus was on the summer olympics so i tried to stay in the city center and went about to cover olympic games. Pollen street social by Jason Atherton is very near Hibiscus and has a great bar. Hibiscus has its stars "maitre d Laurent, and server John ( i joke with them and called them Yves Saint Laurent, John Galliano),Gordon is an institution and i think he carries that to all his different brands throughout the country.

I wasnt able to try Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck this time but we managed to get a reservation at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal at the Mandarin Hyde Park (thanks to my super amazing best friend) and that dinner was the bomb. Every dish was top notch. Amazing dinner.

I am salivating writing this so i will stop.. Here's the Good FOod Guide's top 10!

The Good Food Guide's Top 50 listing is now firmly established; a placing within it is greatly coveted by all chefs and restaurateurs. This year, we have seen some changes in the top 10.
1. The Fat Duck, Berkshire (10)
2. L’Enclume, Cumbria (9)
3. Restaurant Sat Bains, Nottinghamshire (9)
4. Gordon Ramsay, Royal Hospital Road, London (9)
5. Restaurant Nathan Outlaw, Cornwall (8)
6. Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, Oxfordshire (8)
7. Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley, London (8)
8. Pollen Street Social, London (8)
9. Hibiscus, London (8)
10. The Square, London (8)

Heston hangs on
Heston Blumenthal retains the UK’s culinary crown, with the Fat Duck in Bray, Berkshire retaining its 10 out of 10 rating in continued recognition that eating here is the experience of a lifetime. Once again the Fat Duck is the only restaurant in the Guide to be awarded this rating, and as the Guide's scoring guidelines explain, it is extremely rare that a restaurant can achieve perfect dishes on a consistent basis. But a new elite of chefs are hot on Heston's heels...

The new elite

The Good Food Guide 2012 reveals that a passionate group of chefs and their highly individual cooking styles are having a significant and thrilling impact on the UK dining scene – as shown in this year's Top 50 rankings. Chefs Simon Rogan at L’Enclume, Sat Bains at Restaurant Sat Bains and new entry Jason Atherton’s Pollen Street Social are redefining ideas on what is good food and what constitutes a great restaurant.
Elizabeth Carter, Consultant Editor of the Guide, confirms: ‘Personally I am extremely excited by the surge this collective of chefs is showing in our top 10 rankings – whilst it’s impossible to pigeonhole them, each is devising quality dishes fusing classical skills and modern methods – it’s the vividness of the imagination they all display which is truly thrilling.’

A vibrant dining scene
Other chefs making their presence felt at the upper end of the Guide’s ranking include honorary Englishman Claude Bosi, whose London restaurant Hibiscus appears in the top 10 for the first time as a serious contender on the international food scene, and Cornwall’s Nathan Outlaw, holding on to the number 5 position, who offers one of the finest dining experiences in the south west (or anywhere).
Popular stalwarts Raymond Blanc, Marcus Wareing, Gordon Ramsay and Philip Howard make up the rest of the top 10 as they all continue to deliver excellent fine dining to the public.
The Good Food Guide 2012 showcases what has been a fascinating year for dining in the UK. The dining scene across the country is vibrant, with some supremely talented chefs serving innovative food which is winning our readers’ hearts – there is much to be excited about.

BASEL watch show inspired Brad Pitt to get Patek for Angelina

news by
cover media

Brad Pitt has reportedly bought fiancée Angelina Jolie one of the world’s most expensive watches.
The £250,000 timepiece is a Patek Philippe Minute Repeater which normally sees customers waiting two years to get their hands on one.
But Britain’s The Sun newspaper reports that the Fight Club star bought the expensive item as an early wedding present.

The gold watch has a mother of pearl dial and takes two months to put together with each one being checked over by a member of the Stern family, who own the company, at their headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

“Brad decided to buy one of the most amazing watches after meeting the Stern family at a watch fair in Basel,” a source told the publication.
“He wanted to buy Ange a unique gift that very few people own which is like a piece of art – and the highly sophisticated watch is just that.
“It chimes sounds based on Big Ben and is constructed by hand. He went to Geneva to pick it up and it’s believed he’ll present it to Ange as a pre-wedding gift.”

The couple got engaged in April are parents to six children.
© Cover Media

Monday, August 6, 2012

LONDON's Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

This is perfect! I am currently in London for the 2012 summer olympics and i am pretty amazed with all the restaurants this cosmopolitan city offers! One restaurant you might want to check out is the famous Gordon Ramsay. I had the privilege to try his restaurant at Claridge's hotel and i really liked it. The service was impeccable, too.

For this post, my good friend Jonathan Go shares his dining experience in one of London's must dine restaurant and judge for yourself if you would like to book a table next time you are in town. If it merits the 150GBP you have to shell out for this meal. Thank you Jonathan and hope you readers will enjoy reading about Jonathan's dining experience in one of the world's three star Michelin restaurants.

Menu Ordered – Menu Prestige
Sautéed foie gras with roasted veal sweetbreads, Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar and almond velouté
Ravioli of lobster, langoustine and salmon poached in a light bisque with a chervil velouté
Isle of Gigha halibut with Atlantic King crab, cauliflower couscous, finger lime and ras el hanout infused broth
Suckling pig, crispy belly, roasted loin, homemade sausage, chou farci with crushed potatoes and spring onions
                Selection of cheeses from the trolley 
                Lemonade parfait with honey, bergamot and sheep's milk yoghurt sorbet
                Banoffee pie souffle, banana and salted caramel crumble

Total Cost: GBP152.00 per person (Including gratuities)

I reserved the table online, through their website at

The good:
When my dad requested for gluten free bread, they baked a loaf for him on the spot.
Lots of non-listed freebies... amuse bouche, ice cream balls and chocolate served after dessert.
Servers were very knowledgeable about the menu.  Service was impeccable.  Just the right balance of always being around when needed WITHOUT hovering or being intrusive.
Ravioli was delicious.

The bad:
Halibut was bland, flavour profile was a bit one-dimensional.

The just OK:
Foie gras dish was pretty ordinary, did not blow me away.
Banoffee pie soufflé was also just ok.  Should have ordered the Tarte Tatin with Ice Cream.


foie gras with cabernet vinegar

halibut with alaskan king crab


banoffee pie souffle

sucking pig ,roasted loin, crispy belly
I preferred the meal we had at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Hong Kong, even though it was only 2 Michelin Stars compared to 3 for Gordon Ramsay.  Each dish there was memorable and so good.  At Gordon Ramsay, it was hit or miss, which I think should not be the case for a 3 Michelin Star resto. 

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay
68 Royal Hospital Road  London, Greater London SW3 4HP, United Kingdom
020 7352 4441

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

LONDON olympics countdown 2 days to go!

With just two days remaining before the opening of the London 2012 Olympic Games, London is expecting the busiest period yet. But London is ready for “the greatest show on earth”, ministers say. 

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced that, with two days to go, London was “in pretty good shape” for the Games. “Thanks to the superb teams of people in the armed services, the police and volunteers, we are ready to make the world welcome, and we are confident that we will do a good job,” he said. 

Hunt was speaking at a press conference on Games readiness. Today and tomorrow are expected to be the busiest days in terms of transport and security, as athletes, officials and visitors arrive in London. More than 4,000 of the 14,000 expected athletes have already arrived. Organisers also expect more than 100 heads of state in advance of the Opening Ceremony. 

“It is worth trying to appreciate the scale of the challenges that we face to put on the Games,” said Hunt. “This is the equivalent of hosting 26 world championships at the same time.” 

Today also marks the opening of the Olympic Road Network and the Games Lanes, a network of roads linking all of the competition venues and other key sites, such as Heathrow Airport. 

To help manage the crowds, more than 350 digital screens have been installed around stations to communicate with the general public. “We have installed the largest – and ugliest – digital yellow message boards in the world,” explained Peter Hendy, Transport for London Commissioner. “When they’re operable, they will give people information about what areas they should avoid because of overcrowding. We can switch them on when they are required.” 

Normally, around 3.5 million journeys are made on London’s public transport network; during the Games, an additional 20 million journeys – around one million more journeys per day – are expected.

James Brokenshire MP, the Home Office’s Security Minister, added: “Thousands of Olympic athletes and sporting enthusiasts are converging on London, and we are prepared to welcome many more as they make their journey to the UK to be a part of this fantastic event. Our focus is now on hosting a spectacular summer of sport and culture.”

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

VANCOUVER conference findings:sleep 7 hours for optimal memory

To keep your brain sharp, a new study finds that the sleep sweet spot is seven hours, no more, no less.
The Nurses' Health study, using data from some 15,000 women, found subjects who slept five hours or less on average per day had lower scores on standard memory tests than those who slept seven hours, reports Elizabeth Devore, ScD, of Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.
Women who slumbered for nine or more hours on average also performed worse on memory tests than those who slept seven hours a night. Devore noted that the link between sleep duration and memory held true both in mid-life and later life.

Initial findings were presented in Vancouver at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference.

Devore also cited mounting research linking sleep deprivation, less than seven hours a night, to an increased risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

At a major sleep conference in Boston this year, researchers from the University of California Berkeley showed that sleep deprivation could also impair a person's ability to make wise food choices after taking MRI scans of their participants. Sleep deprivation significantly impairs brain activity in the frontal lobe, a region that controls behavior and is activated when making complex choices, including food selection, the researchers explained.

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Fly All You Can
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Regional Routes
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Manila-Hong Kong-ManilaFREE100.0019.7538.00157.75
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