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AFP Relax – Thu, Aug 16, 2012 7:56 PM PHT
The Economist Intelligence Unit's latest Global Liveability Survey, published this week, ranks 140 cities based on a number of factors including stability, infrastructure and education, among others, with several cities in Canada and Australia making the list.
The survey provides a look into the best and worst living conditions of cities around the world. Each city is attributed a score based on more than 30 qualitative and quantitative factors across five broad categories including stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure.

The top three remain unchanged from a previous survey by the publication six months ago. With a score of 97.5 out of 100, Melbourne topped the list for the second time in a row, followed by Vienna with a score of 97.4 and Vancouver with a total of 97.3. Toronto comes in fourth place with a score of 97.2 followed by Calgary and Adelaide, tied with a total of 96.6.

The success of Australia and Canada is attributed by the report to recent infrastructural development such as the construction of the Evergreen mass transit line in Vancouver. The survey also shows that a better quality of life can be reached more easily in mid-size cities located in wealthy countries.

Dhaka in Bangladesh is, according to the survey, the least livable place with a score of 38.7.

Evaluating different criteria, Monocle, a global affairs magazine, released its 2012 Quality of Life Survey in June this year. The publication rates, among other things, a city's "24 hour metabolism," giving extra points to cities for not shutting down after 10 pm. Other factors include well-tended bars, amount of green spaces and urban planning. Landing in first place in Monocle's ranking is Zurich, followed by Helsinki, Copenhagen, Vienna and Munich.

Top ten cities according to the Economist Intelligence Unit's Global Livability Survey:

1. Melbourne
2. Vienna
3. Vancouver
4. Toronto
5. (tie) Calgary and Adelaide
7. Sydney
8. Helsinki
9. Perth
10. Auckland

Top ten cities according to Monocle's Quality of Life Survey:

1. Zurich
2. Helsinki
3. Copenhagen
4. Vienna
5. Munich
6. Melbourne
7. Tokyo
8. Sydney
9. Auckland
10. Stockholm


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