IRELAND performance of Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars

on august 7, gary lightbody, the lead singer of Snow patrol tweets, "Road hubdeep in rainfall. Our first underwater gig coming up in two days. Good people of The Philippines I hope you're all safe and dry.x"
on august 8, Johnny McDaid ‏@johnnymcdaid of snow patrol tweets,"
@garysnowpatrol Just went for a walk in the Mall.. It's incredible. People here are still smiling. Utterly amazing humans. #reliefPH

on august 8, gary tweets "In Manila. The rain teams. The thunder and lightning still cracks and booms. This city needs the rain to stop right now. Love to all here.x"

on august 9, gary lightbody tweets again saying, "The rain has stopped. Thank heaven. The people here in The Philippines are incredible. Grace under extreme pressure.x "

And finally the night of august 9, the heavens stopped pouring and Snow Patrol is able to perform in Araneta Coliseum and adorably says, "The Filipinos have showed such grace in these dark times. You are an inspiration to the world."

So, snow patrol gets a blog post from me because of their emphatic kind hearted nature. Please sing my favorite song now, "Just say yes" =)


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