Okay , i am currently in a country that just ended its summer season and has officially entered fall season. As i am traveling alone and can only manage to carry two suitcases (plus one trolley and one huge Chanel biarritz hand bag)- the challenge is really how the hell to be able to mix and match my outfits to make it go the extra mile? the red luggage contains mostly coats,meaning, with little items,it is full already. The black luggage contains some emergency food and very few pieces of clothing that should be appropriate for some work and leisure wear. This now comes my challenge- how do i make these pieces match and be comfortable enough to wear on very cold autumn weather? ( coming from a tropical country, 11 degress IS COLD for me. This challenge is similar to my NEEDS vs WANTS challenge i did a year back when i started this blog. let me see now if i can shop within my luggage to be able to produce decent wear using less than 25 items. So help me GOD!


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