There are many talented people in the world, lurking in different corners of the globe. A lot of them have talent. Sadly, not a lot of people have the funds to create a business out of those skills. Now, if only there are people who would believe in others’ great ideas.

Thank God for crowdfunding— the world’s answer to this unfortunate situation. For example, there is Indiegogo. It has helped launch several businesses like that of innovative underwear brand KnixWear, which gave its founder and CEO Joanna Griffiths an 18-store Hudson’s Bay preorder and more than $60,000. Since then, she has shipped 13,000 pairs, forged a partnership with Lycra and put Knix on the shelves of more than 100 stores in 14 US states.
Chris Mann
Chris Mann
Indiegogo and another similar website Kickstarter are popular funding alternatives for fledgling entrepreneurs. They have increasingly become popular finance platforms even for established, for-profit businesses and also for virtually unknown businesses and entrepreneurs.
It is an attractive way for small operations to raise capital without giving equity to investors or paying interest on bank loans or lines of credit. Instead, such campaigns offer donors gifts or discounts on services or merchandise. Indiegogo, for example, takes nine percent of donations if the fundraising goal is not met; four percent if it is.

I know a talented Mexican singer Chris Mann, who announced his departure from his record label in September 2013. He then asked fans to fund his project through He got the money he needed in just four days. Mann started recording at Echoman Studios with Murray Yates in November 2013 and finished the record the following month.

The EP featured songs with Mexican singer Tania Geller and Canadian singer Mary Douglas. Mann announced that the first single is entitled “Sin Aliento” and the music video was released lastJan. 15, becoming an instant hit on Mexican radio.

Mann has stated in many interviews that this is his most personal record and that working full time on it made a “huge difference with his previous work. The EP was released last Feb. 17, charting in both Canada and Mexico’s World Charts at #51 and #175 respectively, becoming Mann’s most successful record to date.

Good news like this warms my heart. Finally, there is an alternative for talented and driven people to achieve their dreams. Luckily, we can play a part in it!
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