Timmy boy with his uber chic Prada loafers. winner!! =)
 hainanese chicken better than Tao Yuan!
 delicious food. =)
 raymond ricafort with the girls
 the wednesday group, that's entertainment!!! =))
 trish briones, scott winnen aka the lovebirds. =)
jake ramirez, charo logarta, dexter matilla, jay montelibano
 johanna garcia- spotted at Dusit hotel !
gerard singson, trish briones

1) Emilio Pucci dress
2) daytime- jellies from Prague
3) nightime- Louboutin pumps

This day has got to be the busiest day so far. For lunch, it was Globe Telecom's launching of the Gcash which can be used to pay for Quick Delivery (dial 212121), of which Don Henricos is also part of. Quick Delivery has an extensive restaurant listing that can deliver to your home or office. If you do not feel like going out , this is a good option. And to be able to pay via your phone's Gcash? amazing, isnt it?

I had to go  back to work after this and worked all day till i went to the Wednesday gang's get together at  our friend's place in Pacific Plaza. The hainanese chicken rice was simply the best!! BUt the reason we all got together was because our good friend Trish was bringing her British bf to meet the whole group. Scotty, welcome to our group and we are soo glad you are making Trish happy. Mabuhay ang bagong kasal!!! hahaha =))


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