30 day challenge NEEDS VS WANTS

I just got my credit cards bills the other day and i am now officially poor in cash, but rich in shoes. =) Incredibly, despite seeing my bills, i still have this urge to shop (just like any ordinary girl )so I am challenging myself to not shop for anything in the next 30 days. I am telling myself that i have more than enough for at least a month. I have bought so much stuffs in europe, and have clothes in my closet which I have worn less than once? So, here I am trying to do this challenge to shop in my own closet. So everyday, i shall commit to photographing what i'm wearing to help me remember and document what i already own, as to keep my shopping urge at bay... So help me God... =))
1st day
1) red top from the Black Shop- this is chiffon top i have owned for years
2) red Gucci belt
3) beige Mango pants
4) white astronaut shoes -=))

My day
This was my outfit from day time to night time. I worked all day at the restaurant, but changed to kitchen clogs when I was working at the resto.
I wore red today because I had to attend a birthday party of a very close family friend, and wanted to wear red to add to the festivities of Chinese birthdays. =) happiest birthday uncle Ramon Shing! Thanks Marbee and Eths for the invitation. And Danelle, loved bonding with you on our way back to Fort!
I ran to Champetre after to meet my girls Steph Z, Vicky d.l, Lead dg, Ruffa g, Miriam q, and the men Richard T, Antonio R, Jonathan C for catching up about European escapades and some birthday planning =)


  1. Hey I didn't see you at the party! I think I arrived when you left na. Sayang!

  2. superstar, i missed you! kainis =(


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