3RD day challenge
1)top by Jellybean
3)white jellies from Prague,Czech Republic

My day:
today was a work day again at the restauarnt. I wore leggings because I was supposed to have a tripping with a client for some condominium units at the Fort and lots at Mckinley Hill. I need more inventory for Mckinley hill at the Fort if anyone has a lead. I have two buyers looking for house and lot and or lot in Mckinley Hill and furnished condominium units at the Fort Bonifacio. Yes, I am already a licensed real estate broker, too.

Today, attended Cynthia Y's daughter birthday party. It was an awesome event with the greatest buffet spread by Makati Shangri-La. i bonded with my good friend, Rose B =)

Watched the last full show of Larry Crowne with Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks with bf Miriam Q, and went to Robert's birthday party at Bond, the old Tabu. I like the tuna tartare there. And all night, we drank cranberry juice, no alcohol, as always. =)

Tess V had a very good quote for me that night. Thanks Tess! and I loved your vavavoom dress tonight. yay! rrroar!!!


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