WANDERLUST lunches at Chelsea, New York inspired eatery

we have almost finished the portobello mushroom before i remembered to take a photo. Would have been nicer if it was with arugula but the waiter said they had none so changed it to mixed greens instead.

my friend orders the pastrami sandwich coz that's what friend feels like eating today. I tried it, and it was okay. i like the cheese melting on top and the pickle that went with it. Potato wedges were good,too.

I ordered the herb walnut crusted sea bass topped with three long stalks of green asparagus. The fish was cooked right, and was topped on very delicious mashed potatoes. Cream around the fish was good, too. major calories.
while i had the lemon verbena tea for detoxifying, i had spoonfuls of the apple peach crumble pie topped with ice cream. the waiter did warn that the cake was frozen but i really wanted it. hence, the frozen apples inside that were hard to chew. but he did warn us.

CHELSEA is at Serendra. I am sure most of you know where it is! =) It is my no fail option when I cannot think of where to dine in that area. Praise God for a wonderful lunch today! 


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