DREAMING OF RUSSIA Tessa Prieto Valdes' super fab party

 nice table set up 
 Tessa's Christmas tree decorated with snowflakes
 The game host
 Matryoshka dolls with the images of Tessa and hubby Dennis
 other matryoshka dolls designed by Tessa's guests =)
 Girlie, Michelle, Pepper
 Tessa with daughter, the super cute Athena with her matryoshka dolls
 One of the games was design the dolls using playdoh! our team won third place 
 I love Mark's Vivienne Westwood loafers
 With the bubbly Rosan, my coach Jen, cool guy JR, gorgeous Teresa and dapper in white Jonjon
 Alex Escat with her visiting friend
 Melo, Callum David, Derek
 the host with the night's best dressed winners 
 Tessa's house angels with Derek-they are the other women!! =)
The gwapings now- Ricardo, Derek, Chris and Rikki

Thank you so much Tessa for a wonderful party. We are truly blessed to be the recipients of your generosity and super fun events!!


  1. where can you get heids the matryoshka dolls, can u ask your friend tessa? please? claire here

  2. hi claire, tessa said you can get the dolls from the land of divisoria! good luck =)

  3. can i please have the number in divisoria heids?thanks


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