Wander Woman recommends Cliff Diving in BORACAY

By Faz Abdul Gaffa for Yahoo! Travel

One of Tripadvisor's top 25 beaches in the world for the year 2012, Boracay surely lives up to its name. From emerald blue waters you've only once seen on postcards, to delectable eats right down to a wicked party scene with spots that stay jumpin' till last three in the morning. While there are hundreds of places to stay, and even more things to do, here are your itinerary's obligatory to-dos and a unique must-stay resort!

Where to stay

Live in the lap of luxury with a top-notch butler service, stunning views from every room in the hotel, and to top it all off, a private jacuzzi on every deck. Things you only once imagined as a perfect getaway all fulfilled in the comforts of Nami Resort in Boracay. Located on Diniwind Beach and perched on a verdant cliff, this resort has its own cozy nook of the beach, far from the throngs of tourists that flock the main beaches of the island. What's most commendable about Nami Resort is their top-notch butler service, which is offered to all guests. Their exemplary attention to detail and a no-task-is-too-mundane attitude makes you feel like you've made a wonderful choice, and you want to keep coming back.

What you must do

You'll probably do what every tourist does - check out the sunsets at the White Beach, dabble in some sea sports and get your hair braided by a street vendor, as you would at any beach spot, but if there are two things you must try in Boracay, you have to cliff dive and also hit Puka Beach.

Puka Beach is not accessible via the breakwaters, so you can't walk from White Beach to Puka even if you tried. You could rent a kayak and make your way there if you want to, but you can also take a tricycle (their form of a tuk-tuk) there from wherever you are.

Unlike White Beach, where, before the mid-year monsoon, the water is an emerald blue, extremely calm and you can walk far into the sea and still stand tall, Puka Beach is a lot rougher.

Waves will throw you around, much to the delight of the local kids and adult water babies alike. For P100, enjoy a fresh buko (or local coconut) to satiate your dry throat post-sunbathing.
Ariel's Point is something else you have to check out. Located an hour away by boat from the main isle of Boracay, Ariel's Point is the spot to cliff dive. You'll gather on Station 1 on White Beach on the morning of your cliff diving expedition and be taken on board a small ferry to the cliff diving spot.

Once there, you'll see multiple signs that say ‘cliff diving is at your own risk', and indeed it is. There are no signs to show you how to cliff dive, though there will be lifeguards who will be on kayaks for the first few dives.

You can jump from as low as 1 metre, up to a whopping 15 metres, where you'll be in air for what seems like a whole eternity. While it's definitely not for the faint-hearted, it's also something you must do once in your life.


  1. how nice. i like your country

  2. wow cliff diving just like in mexico!

  3. oooh this looks like fun. the water looks gorgeous! thanks for sharing! definietely something i'd want to try next time im in bora


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