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Philippine Star Kitchen Spy: Regine Velasquez

November 10,2005
The Philippine Star
Kitchen Spy
by:Heidi Ng

***the other article was all about reflections only so i just have to share the cooking part..hehe***

"We had a househelp,but she didn't know how to cook.So,Iwould experiment with cooking.That's how I discovered I could cook pala."

The recipe for tuna she shares today is her diet fish."I guess ang mga mahilig magluto ay mga taong mahilig kumain.Basta marunong kang manggisa,you can learn how to cook.Nag-uumpisa naman sa gisa lahat eh.(I guess people who love to cook also love to eat.As long as you know how to saute,you can learn how to cook.Everything starts with just a little sauteing.)"

Someone gave her a cookbook and she followed the recipes there.She feels very proud to have been able to bake lasagna the first time she followed the recipe.She also makes delicious French toast.Her sister Dianne adds,"Masipag si Ate magluto.When we were single pa,we had dates,like we would go malling,and we would ask Ate to cook,and magaagawan kami sa mga niluluto niya(we would make a grab for her cooking)."However, REgine normally does not follow recipes and cooks by taste,so she just gave us the ingredients and procedures,giving Philippine STAR readers leeway on how to personalize the recipes according to their individual tastes.Happy cooking!

olive oil
black olives
fresh tomatoes
angelhair pasta,cooked according to package directions.

Saute the garlic and onion in olive oil.Add the tuna,black olives,capers and anchovies.Add the fresh tomatoes and crush into the mixture.Finally, add the cooked pasta.

spicy tuyo,bottled
spaghetti,cooked according to package directions
olive oil

Saute the garlic in olive oil.Add the tuyo.When done,add the cooked spaghetti.

whole kernel corn
balsamic vinegar
olive oil
fish sauce(patis)

Shred the lettuce.Place in a bowl.Add the drained tuna,drained corn and shredded crabsticks.Boil the eggplant and slice into half.add to the greens.Mix the balsamic vinegar with olive oil.Add patis or pepper to taste.Pour over dalad greens.

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