Supplements for all ages- excerpt from MY Domaine

In Your 20s
"With your fast-paced life, you're probably not eating enough of the right foods, which is why a multivitamin is so vital. But you're not alone. Four out of five people don't get the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals through food alone. Taking this once a day will cover all your bases."
"Research shows that omega-3 fatty acids derived from fish oil can significantly improve heart health and thus reduce the risk of heart disease. Their anti-inflammatory properties also enhance cognitive performance, which is what you'll need during those college years. The earlier you start taking this, the better."
Plant Protein
"Since you're still growing, you'll need protein to keep up your energy. A plant protein is a great option if you need a boost, and it's low-touch, perfect for those years when you're still learning to cook."
In Your 30s
Vitamin C
"Now is the time you need to boost immune system with vitamin C from citrus foods or supplements. They act as antioxidants to fight disease-causing free radicals that cause aging."
"They are the healthy bacteria in your gut. Probiotics help your immune system as well as overall your health."

In Your 40s
"Up the omega-3s from fish oils, walnuts, and flaxseeds. These will help fight inflammation of the skin and continue to help fight wrinkles."
Vitamin C
"Just like in your 30s, vitamin C (whether it's from citrus fruits or supplements) will help increase collagen in your skin to increase elasticity and fight disease."
In Your 50s
"You need brain food to keep your brain sharp and choline, found in the yolk of eggs, is much-needed to help with cell communication in the brain. It has also been shown to help people with Alzheimer's."
Fish Oil
"DHA found in fish oil makes up the largest part of the gray matter in the brain, which helps with cell communication. It has also been shown to reduce the chance of dementia."
"These essential help to fight free radicals that damage our brain cells and support a healthy immune system."


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