HOW TO SURVIVE in an expensive city

Okay, so two of my closest friends in Vancouver, voted North America's most expensive city in the recent year, are now going out with newly unemployed men. How do you date and survive in Vancouver when Vancouver is freakin even becoming more expensive than New York? So, in honor of my two besties in Vancouver, I will update this blog on where to get the cheapest eats, where to stay, and tips on how to make one's money stretch. These blog entries are not just for those dating on-the-budget men ;but hopefully will also be helpful to people trying to save for a holiday, a car, or even a house. These tips will hopefully be applicable in your lives-whether you live in Manila, Vancouver or London. We will all try to see how we can save, and how to live large with less money. Join me and my friends in this journey. If you know of any place worth featuring or writing about, feel free to drop me a note! Looking forward to all your mails! =)


  1. good concept. i am excited heidi for what a socialite/party princess can cook up in your blog about living large for less.

  2. how can you Survive Vancouver?Damn expensive unless you are rich from Hong Kong or China


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