Hello world, upon the prodding of some people, I just realized i dont have the "followers" widget (as they call it. so sorry coz i am soooo not techie) so i had to find it and tadah! i finally managed to put it up. So do not judge my blog that i only have a few followers because it wasn't there before kaya! =)

Thank you to everyone who joined the twitter birthday giveaway promo and thanks so much to our friends in GOODY PH (yes, the hair brand we all love! ) for assisting me on my birthday giveaway! They are so nice there so get your spin pin na! Okay, I am having another birthday blowout and will be giving away THE SPA wellness card that entitles you to any of the services of one of my favorite spas here in the Philippines.

Thank you to our friends from Don Henricos (best buffalo wings ever! ) Don Henricos has a promo in ENSOGO now and the brand has sold over 4, 500 coupons! yay!! So, try to catch the promo while it is ongoing pa.  Thank you also to our friends from Casa Marcos restaurant at Fort Bonifacio( check out the blog for mouthwatering photos of dishes they serve ) .

I have to write my articles for Cosmopolitan and Lifestyle Asia magazine so have to log off from the blog. I wish you all a wonderful weekend and a meaningful Edsa revolution holiday!


  1. i need to have a blog also to follow?i cannot register

  2. heids, what do i press?do i "sign in" or do i "join this site?"


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