i have long been trying to find a facial spritz that was similar to Evian but at a more reasonable cost and I got introduced to Moringa facial Spritz through a friend of mine. Okay, this is a facial toner that is greenish in color because of the presence of olive oil and Moringa (the English term for malunggay, that green leaf present in our tinola chicken soup!) Did you know that Moringa has more than 90 nutritional compounds, vitamins, minerals, 46 anti oxidant and 36 anti-inflammatory agents? It has 7x the vitamine C of oranges, 4x vitamin A of carrot, 4x the calcium in milk and 3x the potassium in banana!

The Moringa helps in moisturizing, improving skin elasticity. It is also an anti-aging product with anti-acne properties. It also helps lighten the skin.

Olive Oil, on the other hand, is knows for its vitamin E and K properties and is also known to improve skin elasticity. This line of Moringa products also uses Omega or sunflower oil as an added anti-oxidant and is rich in vitamin b complex and vitamin E. It is also fortified with Omega ^ and (. It is known for cell regeneration, as an anti-aging complex.

With these natural products, Ardent Naturals concocted these beauty bar, Facial spritz and body lotion. I use the spritz like Evian to refresh my face in the morning and in the afternoon especially in this heat!! and the body moisturizer has this unique scent that is wonderful for the legs and arms. Dont forget to put on your knees and elbows!!

Moringa -O is available in leading department stores and supermarkets
call 840 2662 or 917873 9293 for inquiries. =)

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FREE beauty loot fr Moringa o2!just read thru the blog and ans these 1)What natural ingredients are in Moringa O2? 2)Name some of the vitamins and minerals present in Moringa O2? 3)What can the three healing oils do to your skin? Email me the answers to these questions and bring home the gift pack courtesy of Moringa O2 and Ardent Naturals.. =))


  1. Hi Wander Woman! Here are my answers to your questions. Hope I win!

    1.) olive oil, moring and sunflower oil
    2.) vitamin E and K
    3.) moisturize, anti-aging, healthy vitamins for the skin

    Name: Sharon Yu
    Add: Salcedo Village Makati

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  3. hi wanderwoman
    did you get my email with answers?thanks


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