dusit hotel's devarana spa is heaven on earth!!

Dusit hotel's Devarana Spa is a class of its own. As the dusit's own spa brand, Devarana Spa is a tough act to follow in the Manila spa scene. The entrance alone is so impressive. (see photo) that you feel you are transported to a place so special, you are obliged to just go with the flow and leave your worries to the door. The receptionists are so friendly and will gladly explain the different oils used. There are a myriad of treatments to choose from. 

The name Devarana comes from Thai-Sanskrit language meaning garden in heaven. It is described by tha Tha weiter Phraya Lithai as the garden at heaven's fate, surrounded by gardens, ponds, with  a heavenly scent and a nurturing environment. The garden shines with silver and gold , scattered with natural gemstones. In the garden, people can hear soft, melodic music played by harp, flute and other traditional instruments.

True enough, when one enters the spa at Dusit, you know you are in for a special treat when you hear heavenly music playing in the background. 

I decided to try the Devarana Signature massage because it was an exclusive massage that can only be experienced in a Devarana spa here or in Thailand. It is a massage that combines the healing techniques of Ayurveda, Thai and Shiatsu with strong influences from Swedish massage. It very soothing and relaxing. It is massage to savor for an hour and a half. Since I was so stressed and needed to detoxify, I also opted for an Algae and Caffeine Slimming Wrap to help take out the toxins from my body. I got so intrigued with it. Who would not want to be slim after undergoing a super relaxing wrap ?i know i would. So it was a combination of the powerful effects of seaweed extracts, their signature essential oils and fresh ground coffee that was rubbed unto my body to take out toxins from my body. The high iodine of the ingredients helped stimulate metabolism, encouraging detoxification and aiding weight reduction. It targets the lymphatic system. Of course I have to go back to see more results on weight reduction, and decrease in my cellulite appearance. =)

They had the anti aging sea facial which i so wanted to try but the kind therapist suggested I get the Sensible Essence Facial instead upon knowing that i have sensitive skin. The facial uses gentle, hypoallergenic ingredients that are suitable for all skin types, especially for skin sensitive as mine. The therapist used all natural products on my face derived from wild fruits and berries, preventing skin irritations and stimulating cell repair. The therapist applies subtle strokes in my face while cleaning, toning and moisturizing it, that i was lulled to sleep. The facial ends with a mask that immediately gives a calm feeling to the skin. When it was taken out, my face was soft as baby's skin! I am not kidding. But by that time, i had eyes that looked like it was knocked out by Manny Pacquiao coz they were droopy. I was sleeping most of the one hour facial. 

That was pure bliss. I would head back to Devarana any given day, and well, if budget permits! Devarana Spa is located at the Dusit Hotel. Best to call for reservations (632) 8187081.Let me know how your spa experience goes. =)


  1. How much are the services?

  2. looks good. I will try this, Thank you for sharing.

  3. looks promising, do they have extras services?


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