Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the real royal jewelry, not some fashion jewelry! seen at the wedding of princess victoria of sweden to her love, commoner daniel westling. (fotos courtesy of getty,pascal,pool,preppy princess)

i have always been fascinated with royaly. eversince I read the Vanity Fair issue on the hottest royals a few years back, I have been a follower! I am particularly interested in the gowns and the jewelries they wear. I remember wearing a tiara on my 18th birthday which my designer, THE Letlet Veloso, who had a shop in Mckinley, Forbes thought I should wear to complete her beautiful creation she did for me. I will try to find a photograph and post ( just to thank Letlet V for her wonderful talent) but hello, my tiara was nothing compared to the real tiara of the real princesses here! i was "feeling" princess at 18- these women are the real thing!! 

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